Can I go straight to ACCA?

Can I go straight to ACCA?

ACCA is a professional accounting qualification which leads you to become a Chartered Certified Accountant with full professional status. You can start studying ACCA direct from school, given you have the appropriate qualifications. It is also quite common to start the ACCA qualification after university.

Can I do ACCA after 12th without maths?

You must be at least 18 years of age, and must complete 10+2 as a minimum required qualification with a minimum of 65\% in Accounts or Mathematics and English ,and should have scored 50\% in other subjects. No,Maths is not compulsory for pursuing ACCA as long as you had accountancy in your 12th.

How long does it take to complete ACCA after 12th?

The paper-based exams are held in March, June, September and December. The computer-based exams are held every month of the year. Minimum duration for ACCA is 2 years.

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What is eligibility of ACCA?

Eligibility: For entry to ACCA’s qualification, you should have completed 18 years of age and qualified the 10+2 exams with an aggregate of 65\% in Mathematics/Accounts and English and a minimum of 50\%in other subjects. The ACCA professional examinations are offered worldwide twice yearly, in June and December.

Can I do ACCA after 10th?

ACCA Course Eligibility One can join the course right after class 10th and above.

Is ACCA very difficult?

ACCA is easy to pass if you are motivated and if you believe that it is not a step to your career, but it lies on the path. You need to have a proper mindset. The difficulty level of ACCA exams will increase as you progress. You should know why you are doing the course and take coaching to ease through the exam.

Can ACCA be completed in 1 year?

How much time does an average student take to complete ACCA? The ACCA Course duration ranges from one year to five years, based on the time you invest each day towards the qualification.

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Is ACCA or CA better?

The passing percentage of CA lies between 4-5\% whereas ACCA is 40-50\%, which makes the Chartered Accountants more demandable compared to ACCA. Therefore, Chartered Accountants are highly respected in society. Less Fee Structure – As CA is an Indian recognized course while the ACCA is U.K. based.

Can ACCA get job in Google?

Google has invited applications from interested candidates for the post of Financial Controller.

Is ACCA costly?

The total cost for ACCA exam fees and annual subscription comes to approx. Rs 1,20,000*.

Is ACCA approved in India?

It is worth doing ACCA in India, as it is recognized by most multinational companies (MNCs) operating in India, including the companies known as the Big Four (KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)), the four largest professional services networks in the world.

Can I start preparing for ACCA exam after completing 12th?

Yes you can. You can start preparing for the exams in the 12th only. the first four exams are mcqs and you can attempt them asap after registering with the ACCA institute. What is minimum Qualification to get admission in ACCA for Indians?

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How many years does it take to complete ACCA Course?

For example, if you are a 12th graduate, the course is for 3 years, a commerce graduate studies for 2 to 2.5 years, IPCC (both groups) for 2 years, B.Com, and 1-year for IPCC and CA graduates. The ACCA eligibility criteria is the same across all the top ACCA colleges in India.

Can I practice law after becoming an ACCA member?

However, if you want to practice law after becoming an ACCA member, you need to look into studying for a law degree. For the budding entrepreneurs, an ACCA qualification can give you a good foundation to start your own business in the field of finance or accountancy.

Is ACCA still relevant in today’s World?

It is relevant in every country as it is considered one of the most reputed qualifications in accountancy. ACCA is a high level professional qualification and is equivalent to completing a full university degree, and it is IFAC compliant based on international accounting and auditing standards.