What is the best app for train times?

What is the best app for train times?

Here are the 5 Best Indian Railway Apps for Android in 2019

  • Rail Yatri (Provides Common Railway Services)
  • NTES-National Train Enquiry System.
  • (Semi-Official App)
  • iXigo (Best App Ever with All Features)
  • IRCTC Connect (Official Railway App)

Which app is accurate for train live status?

RailYatri is an app for checking the live status of train and PNR, Indian rail information, schedule and seat availability which is available for Android and iOS devices. Fare inquiry and booking bus tickets are also available through this app.

How can I check if a train is on time?

First of all, go to the Goibibo website or open the app. Next, click on the tab of IRCTC Trains and on the right side, you will see the tab of Train Running Status. After clicking on it, you will get three columns to fill, respectively, train number, station and the start date of the train.

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Is there an app that tells you when trains are coming?

Waze now alerts drivers of upcoming railroad crossings on Android and iOS. Google-owned Waze offers a lot of local information for drivers as they navigate around town, and now, the app is adding a first-of-its-kind feature. Starting today, Waze will alert drivers of upcoming railroad crossings.

Which UK train app is best?

The best apps for rail passengers

  • Trainline UK. Currently peddling train tickets across 24 countries, online commerce giant Trainline is making bold moves to expand its online offering worldwide.
  • Rail Planner Eurail/Interrail.
  • Grumpnow.
  • Railbuddy.
  • Passenger Assist.
  • Travelkhana.
  • Train Spotting.
  • Train Sim.

What is the best NYC transit app?

6 best apps for navigating NYC transit

  • Citymapper. (free; iPhone, Android)
  • Transit. (free; iPhone, Android)
  • Google Maps. (free; iPhone, Android)
  • Exit Strategy. ($3.99, iPhone)
  • Rampd. (free; iPhone, Android)
  • Moovit. (free; iPhone, Android)

How can I know Platform No of train?

Platform Enquiry

  1. Go to the Input Box on top below ‘Platform Enquiry’
  2. In the Input boxes below, enter Train Number and Railway Station.
  3. Click on Submit Button.
  4. Here will be displayed Train’s Platform Number based on your information.
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How do I know my train platform number?

How can I check where my train reached?

A: To check the running status of your train and know where is your train, download the ixigo trains app and make use of the ‘Running Status’ feature. Enter your train’s name or number and know the live status of your train.

Does WAZE show trains?

Waze tells you when a railroad crossing is up ahead on your route. When you drive near a railroad crossing, an alert appears on the map. The alert stays on your screen until you cross the railroad tracks.

Is Trainline accurate?

Is Trainline legitimate? Yes, Trainline is legitimate. Their app and website connect directly to rail and coach carriers’ ticketing platforms so every ticket you buy through Trainline is valid for travel.

Why is Trainline app cheaper? didn’t work out cheaper than its rivals on any of the 15 popular journeys searched. A big reason we tend to be cheaper is that they charge a booking fee of £1.50 on most journeys, regardless of whether a saving has been made or not for your chosen date.