Which IIT serves best food?

Which IIT serves best food?

A year later, IIT Gandhinagar – Indian Institute of Technology (IITGN) became the first 5-star institution in the country to be awarded the ‘Eat Right Campus Award’ during the commemoration of the first World Food Safety Day on June 7th, 2019 as declared by the United Nations General Assembly.

Is non veg food available in IIT Madras?

CHENNAI: In a controversial decision, IIT Madras has opened two entrances and set up separate wash basins for students having vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a mess on the campus. This mess has two separate entrances for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Is IIT Delhi mess food good?

Conclusion. IIT Delhi’s mess food is average like some of the other good colleges, but certainly better than most of your Tier 2/Tier 3 colleges.

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Is food free in IIT Bombay?

The food is said to be very good in comparison to any other college. Also, until a few years back IIT Bombay was a vegetarian only zone. However, after the recurrent pressure from the students, the authorities gave in and now serve non-veg food also on the campus.

How many hostels are there in IIT Madras?

19 hostels
IIT Madras is a residential institute and provides accommodation to students in the hostels. There are 19 hostels, all named after the mighty rivers of India.

What is hostel mess?

The hostel premises comprises of a separate dining facility for hostel residents. The hostel mess has a separate dining hall and a well-equipped kitchen catering to more than 3200 students. Particular focus is laid to provide a well-balanced, nutritious diet with varying food tastes to all the students. …

How is the food at the mess at IIT Madras?

Also, there is a food court that serves food at the campus in case you miss your mess timings or need a change from the daily mess. Also, the mess at IIT Madras offers non-vegetarian food as well. Eggs are a regular at breakfast whereas other dishes are served occasionally. All items on the menu should be served at least once a week.

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What is the food menu at IIT Kharagpur for students?

Lunch : Egg curry, mixed vegetable curry, chips. Although food menu varies across IITs ,I can tell you the Menu of AZAD hall at IIT kharagpur ,this menu is typically same across the halls with little variations. Lunch : Egg curry, mixed vegetable curry, chips.

What is the food like in the hostel at IITs?

Bread and eggs were provided to the students of IIT only. The plates were clean, food quality was good and could as much as we liked. I don’t remember much about lunch and dinner as we used to have it outside in the canteens. There were two canteens in this hostel. One served juices.

What is the typical menu of a typical Indian restaurant?

The typical menu would at least include rice and pulses at all meals everyday. This is mostly complemented with a curry, mostly of Paneer on days that non-vegetarian food is not served (maybe the same on other days when non-veg. is served, I’d never know, I’m not a vegetarian).