What does it mean when your bf looks up his ex?

What does it mean when your bf looks up his ex?

Most guys like looking at attractive girls. Another reason to be looking up the ex could be to constantly reinforce the idea that he made the right decision in breaking up. He could be looking to see that she is isn’t having a good time with a new boyfriend or talking about all the fun things that she is doing in life.

Is it normal for my boyfriend to stalk his ex?

It’s normal for a guy that still is attached to his ex. It’s not normal for a guy that has a new girlfriend. Maybe you should have a talk with your ex about his ex girlfriend. If you feel he’s sincere what he’s said then give him another chance.

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Do guys check their ex’s Social Media?

Originally Answered: Do guys stalk their exes or crushes like girls do on social media? Yes they do, I can easily tell you that I have known guys to look at the profiles and social media pages of their ex’s to see if they are in a new relationship or just to be updated on their current situation.

Is it bad if your boyfriend follows his ex on Instagram?

If your partner follows their ex on social media without engaging in much of their content, this probably isn’t anything that should concern you. “If your partner’s ex still follows them on Instagram but they’re respectful of your relationship, there really isn’t anything to handle,” Figueroa says.

Is it weird to look up your ex?

In short, the desire to check up on your ex is absolutely normal. “Long before the existence of social media, people stalked their exes,” explains Toni Coleman, LCSW, who’s a relationship coach and divorce mediator.

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Why do we stalk exes on social media?

The thing about stalking your ex on social media is that it allows you to keep tabs on someone you’re used to knowing everything about, because you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period of time. That’s why it can be so tempting — it’s like giving up something you’re conditioned to already have.