What is the Dacian falx?

What is the Dacian falx?

The falx was a weapon with a curved blade that was sharp on the inside edge used by the Thracians and Dacians – and, later, a siege hook used by the Romans.

What is a Thracian sword?

The Sica was a hooked sword with a blade on the inside curve – it was one of the iconic weapons of the Thracians – a people northwest of the Greeks who were renowned in antiquity for their warlike demeanor. The Sica was also used by a type of Roman Gladiator – the Thraex, a caricatured Thracian warrior.

Where is the falx sword from?

Czech Republic
Additional information

Overall Length 51”
Class Battle Ready
Culture Dacian
Manufacturer Wulflund
Country of Origin Czech Republic

Are dacians Thracians?

Linguistic affiliation. The Dacians and Getae were always considered as Thracians by the ancients (Dio Cassius, Trogus Pompeius, Appian, Strabo and Pliny the Elder), and were both said to speak the same Thracian language.

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Who did the Thracians fight?

The Odrysian kingdom lost independence to Macedonia in the late 4th century BC, and never regained total independence following Alexander the Great’s death. The Thracians faced conquest by the Romans in the mid second century BC under whom they faced internal strife.

What replaced the gladius?

The spatha
The spatha apparently replaced the gladius in the front ranks, giving the infantry more reach when thrusting.

Did the Romans use two-handed swords?

something the ancient Greeks and Romans would not have had access to. The only thing they had even remotely close to a two-handed sword was the Roman spatha, basically a gladius with a long blade intended for use by the cavalry, which would form the basis of the Viking swords, and later on the arming sword.

Is spatha better than gladius?

The spatha was a quicker, lighter weapon more suited to cavalry and individual combat. The gladius was more suited to the Roman phalanx, which employed close-quarter fighting. The spatha came to be used more as German soldiers were brought into the Roman army.

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Why did Romans switch to spatha?

Roman Empire The Spatha was first introduced to the Romans by Celtic mercenaries during the Second Punic War. From the early 3rd century, legionaries and cavalrymen began to wear their swords on the left side, perhaps because the scutum had been abandoned and the spatha had replaced the gladius.