Who is better Madara or Aizen?

Who is better Madara or Aizen?

Madara is a true badass and has more destructive capabilities than Aizen, but Aizen’s hax is too powerful. Here are the reasons for Aizen’s victory: His Speed:- Aizen when he was first introduced was faster than the speed of light. We can prove this because of his attack speed.

Can Aizen defeat Madara?

Yes, Madara with Wood Dragon and Perfect Susano’o would beat Aizen in durability and strength; however, Madara’s failing in this is speed and his behavior in-character. Madara almost never uses either ability anywhere near the start of a fight.

Can Itachi beat Aizen?

Aizen possesses immeasurable spiritual pressure, and he also happens to be immortal, so the only way that Itachi can really beat him is by sealing him away for eternity with the Totsuka Blade, but he will need to make sure that he actually hits the real Aizen.

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Can Sasuke beat Aizen?

There are very few characters that can stand up to Aizen in any anime, and Sasuke is no different. Even with Sasuke’s Rinnegan and its ability to repel Infinite Tsukuyomi, he’d still fall victim to Aizen. If the ability could still work on a character like Yhwach, it’d work on Sasuke.

Can Meruem beat Aizen?

Of course Aizen and Meruem would win. Aizen has stronger illusions that can’t be disabled and since none of these characters besides Madara have chakra so Madara can use genjutsu on them. All Might has a three hour power limit whereas Aizen and Meruem can fight all day and night but can win in 5 seconds anyways.

Is Ichigo stronger than Itachi?

Ichigo is a lot stronger than itachi and could easily one shot him. he fought someone who can see into the future so the sharingan is useless.

Can genjutsu work on Ichigo?

To get the stupid out of the way, yes Sasuke can see Ichigo even in spirit form, no genjutsu does not work on Ichigo.

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Can obito beat Aizen?

Aizen in his base form before getting captain rank would be suitable for this fight. Obito can win against him.

Can kaguya beat Meruem?

7 Would Lose – Kaguya (Naruto) As proficient as Meruem might be in physical brawn, Kaguya’s unrivaled Ninjutsu would create problems he has no answer for. Her bone spikes are able to kill their marks in one hit regardless of how durable they might be, posing a serious problem for the King.

What episode does Sōsuke fight Madara?

Sōsuke Aizen vs. Madara Uchiha is the 1st episode and Series Premiere of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Sōsuke Aizen from the Bleach series and Madara Uchiha from the Naruto series in a battle between shonen antagonists. Wiz: The Mastermind, Genius manipulators who are more than they appear, come in all shapes and sizes…

Will Madara Uchiha be able to kill Aizen?

Madara Uchiha won’t be able to kill him either, if the fourth raikage can survive an Amaterasu, Aizen is going to sit there and laugh it off like a joke. People really need to stop making Amaterasu more powerful than it really is, it hasn’t done anything to warrant it being so powerful.

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Can Madara use Izanagi’s Chakra?

Also Madara is a reincarnation of Indra meaning he has Six Paths chakra [which allows him to use Izanagi] if you were wondering. Madara also has his Limbo Clones. Aizen cannot see them, being as their on another plane of existence.They can only be perceived by the Rinnegan.

Who is the strongest Uchiha in Naruto?

Here, Madara has the evolved eye, or rinnegan, having all of nagato’s techniques.. He, being the strongest uchiha, is expert in Genjutsu as well. Aizen probably has the speed advantage, but Madara has move prediction to neutralise it. Let’s begin.