Why do some elements have weird electron configurations?

Why do some elements have weird electron configurations?

Since we usually fill electrons in the order of increasing energy, the next electron (in case of manganes) goes into the 4s-orbital. The same reason for effective nuclear charge makes the 3d-orbitals somewhat lower in energy than 4s-orbitals and hence, the unusual configuration of Cr and Cu.

Why are some electron configurations not valid?

Electron Configurations : Example Question #2 What is the electron configuration for? There is no valid electron configuration for . Since it is losing electrons, the element must lose the electrons from the highest energy shell first. Thus, the element loses electrons from and electron for .

Why are the electronic configuration of some elements different?

Many of the physical and chemical properties of elements can be correlated to their unique electron configurations. The valence electrons, electrons in the outermost shell, are the determining factor for the unique chemistry of the element.

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What elements have exceptions to the electron configuration?

There are two main exceptions to electron configuration: chromium and copper.

Why there are some discrepancies happened in electronic configuration where we can observe the violation of Aufbau principles?

Exceptions are based on the fact that half-full or full shells or subshells are more stable than partially filled ones. The electron occupies the higher energy level shell in violation of the Aufbau principle because the atom is more stable that way.

Why platinum has abnormal electronic configuration?

Because it is in Group 10, Period 6 and all elements in that group are required to end with the 5d and 6s orbitals. And since it MUST use 6s, it is natural to put 1 electron in it (simply to show it exists, based on the element’s placement on the periodic table).

Which electron configurations are the most stable configurations Why?

The most stable electron configuration is that of a noble gas, due to the fact that its valence shell is filled. For helium, that means two valence electrons (a duet) in the 1s sublevel, and for the rest it means eight valence electrons (an octet) in the outermost s and p sublevels.

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What happens if electrons have the same spin?

Today, this electron spin is indicated by the fourth quantum number, also known as the Electron Spin Quantum Number and denoted by ms. Because electrons of the same spin cancel each other out, the one unpaired electron in the atom will determine the spin.

Which elements have different electronic configuration?

Element Predicted Electron Configuration Actual Electron Configuration
copper, Cu [Ar] 3d9 4s2 [Ar] 3d10 4s1
silver, Ag [Kr] 4d9 5s2 [Kr] 4d10 5s1
gold, Au [Xe] 4f14 5d9 6s2 [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s1
palladium, Pd [Kr] 4d8 5s2 [Kr] 4d10

Which of the following configuration is not possible?

The electronic configuration 3f12 is not possible as third energy level can have s,p and d orbitals only.

Why there are exceptions in writing the electronic configuration of chromium and copper?

Re: Why are Copper and Chromium exceptions? These two elements are exceptions because it is easier for them to remove a 4s electron and bring it to the 3d subshell, which will give them a half filled or completely filled subshell, creating more stability.

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