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How do you tell if a friend is an INFJ?

How do you tell if a friend is an INFJ?

If these statements apply, he/she is likely an INFJ.

  1. Your friend is usually quiet, doesn’t strike up conversations.
  2. Your friend doesn’t have a large group of friends.
  3. You feel like you don’t completely understand him/her.
  4. Your friend sometimes randomly says some nonsense that’s somehow also deep/wise.

What do INFJs look for in a friend?

INFJs want to be in friendships with people who trust that the INFJ isn’t going to hurt them. We’ll be genuine with them, work to build deeper connections, and commit to the friendship. INFJs need friends who understand them well enough to realize how much they care about their friends.

What is it like to be friends with an INFJ?

Everything that makes you such a beautiful whole, an INFJ will appreciate to the fullest. A friendship with an INFJ is worth the wait. It will transcend everything you ever dreamed of having in a person who will love and respect you without restraints.

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How do you get an INFJ to notice you?

They are also a good first-step if you are romantically interested in an INFJ and want them to notice you. INFJs use extroverted feeling (Fe) to relate to the outside world. This means that we can draw energy from emotional interactions, and may appear more extroverted than other introverts.

What to do when an INFJ texts you out of the Blue?

Please, be kind to your INFJ friend when he or she texts you out of the blue, picking apart and apologizing for a minor issue that you didn’t even see as a problem. If you’re close to us, we can’t lose you. Like what you’re reading?

What do INFJs need to know about talking to your bestie?

In a recent conversation with my bestie, I only needed to look at her and ask: “Okay, tell me all about it.” The INFJ ability to feel when something happens is legendary! When we see you as a part of our inner circle, there’s no need to worry about lack of understanding. We’ll hear even what you don’t say. 4. We accept you just the way you are.