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Was it the Catholic Church that compiled the Bible?

Was it the Catholic Church that compiled the Bible?

The Catholic Church compiled the New Testament. And it chose to adopt the Septuagint version of the Old Testament as part of the Christian canon of Scripture, but both Masoretic and Septuagint versions had already been compiled.

What came first the Bible or the Catholic Church?

If you are talking about the autographs most of the Bible came first, at least the Old Testament. If you are talking about the Bible as a book New and Old Testament bound together as one then the church came first. The church had manuscripts that were read publicly.

Where did the Catholic Bible originate from?

The Church received its sacred writings from the apostles, and the Catholic Church manifests the true canon of Scripture by its continuous use of certain books as sacred Scripture in its liturgies.

Is Catholic Bible different from King James?

The difference between the Catholic Bible and King James Bible is, Catholic Bible imbibes the original version of the Holy book that contains 46 books of Old Testament and 27 Books of the New Testament. The King James Version of the Bible is a translated English Version of the Bible.

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When did the church start using the Bible?

According to some accounts, in 382 the Council of Rome first officially recognized the Biblical canon, listing the accepted books of the Old and New Testament, and in 391 the Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible was made.

Who came first in Bible?

Adam was the first spiritual man coming after the natural man the first to have a personal relationship with God, a command from God, accountability to God, and an offer of eternal life from God. See Bible study here on I Corinthians 15.

Is the Douay Rheims Bible approved by the Catholic Church?

Catholic Church Approved Translation The Douay Rheims Bible is the official translation used and approved by the Church. This version has ALL of the Books of the D-R Bible in their original translations.