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Will exFAT work with PS3?

Will exFAT work with PS3?

It is necessary to realize the file system compatible with PS4/PS3 before using external hard drive for PS4/PS3 For PS4, it can support FAT32 and exFAT; for PS3, it can support FAT32 file system. But external hard drive is typically formatted with NTFS file system.

What format should a HDD be for Windows 10?

By default, Windows computers will choose NTFS (New Technology File System) for you because that’s the native Microsoft filing system. But if you want the external hard drive to also work on a Mac, you should choose exFAT.

How do you format a hard drive for PS3?

Part 1: How to Format a PS3 HDD on PC or Mac?

  1. Simply select the connected PS3 drive from here and click on the “Erase” option from the toolbar on the right.
  2. This will open a new pop-up window, letting you format the PS3 hard drive. Simply give it a name, change the format to FAT32, and click on the “Erase” button.
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How do you format a hard drive for PS5?

Connect your USB drive to a USB port on the back of your PS5 console. Go to Settings > Storage. Select USB Extended Storage > Format as USB Extended Storage. When there are multiple USB drives connected, you can change which USB drive you format by choosing Select Another USB Drive.


Well, usually, PS3/PS4 uses external HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to save data like games and that hard drive must be FAT32. Because SONY is using FAT32 as the standard for PS3 and PS4. They can’t read NTFS.

What file format does PS3 use?

In order to play games smoothly, the PS3 USB formats must be FAT32. Since most new USB flash drives come with an NTFS file system, you have to format it to FAT32 or convert NTFS to FAT32.

How do I format a HDD?

PC Instructions

  1. Select the drive you wish to format from the list.
  2. Right click on the drive and select Format.
  3. Enter a name for the drive in Volume label and select the format type in the File system dropdown box.
  4. Click OK. It will take a short while to delete all the files and change the format of the disk.
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Do I need to format hard drive for PS5?

If you’ve already used your external hard drive on PS4 or PS4 Pro, you can connect it to the PS5 console and use it directly. However, if you use an external hard drive on a PlayStation console for the first time, you need to format the hard drive to make it compatible with your console.

What file format does PS5 use?

In order to get your USB drive to speak to your PS5 properly, you need to make sure it is formatted to exFAT or FAT32. FAT32 can restrict file sizes, so in most cases, exFAT would be the more suitable option.

Does PS3 accept FAT32?

It is impossible for the PS3 file system to be FAT32 because in FAT32, no single file can be more than 4GB.

What format should my PS4 external hard drive be formatted to?

Please note that PS4 external hard drive should be formatted to FAT32, because this file system enjoys a better compatibility than NTFS. (click FAT32 vs NTFS to learn about more information)

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Can I use a PS4 hard drive on a PC?

After that, you can use your PS4 drive on PC. I swapped out the SSD from my laptop and into my PS4 and I wanted to put the 500GB Hard drive from my PS4 in my laptop, I hooked the drive up to my main rig to format but I’m running into a problem. The drive isn’t showing up in my Windows Explorer.

What is the best file system to use with PS4?

Any file system will work with PS4, as PS4 will automatically format your internal drive to FAT32 whether it was NTFS, exFAT or whatever. So just wipe it to the factory state, and PS4 will do the rest.

Why can’t I reformat my PS4 drive for PC?

The reason is that the PS4 drive uses a format not recognized by Windows. Therefore, the way to solve this problem is to reformat this drive. Then, read the following content to get two ways to reformat the PS4 drive for PC. Disk Management is a useful Windows built-in tool, which allows you to delete volume, format volume, create volume, etc.