Are NITs at par with IITs?

Are NITs at par with IITs?

As already mentioned earlier, the top NITs are at par with the IITS!

How are CSE placements at NIT Trichy?

Placements: In CSE, it is said that 100\% of the students got placed last year. More than 90\% of the students get internships every year. Major companies which offer internships and placements are De Shaw, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. The average package offered is around 17 lacs per annum.

Which is better CSE from NIT or IIT?

Students at IIT Bhilai are mentored by IIT Hyderabad which has a great reputation in terms of CSE Branch….What is better new IIT like Bhilai or NIT Raipur for CSE?

Categories CSE at IIT Bhilai CSE at NIT Raipur
Placement Percentage 90\% 90\%
Highest CTC 19 LPA 17 LPA
Average CTC 10 LPA 9.5 LPA
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Are NITs as good as IITs?

When it comes to the quality of education provided IITs are ahead of the NITs. Both IITs and NITs are extremely good in providing education and producing good engineers, but at the same time the top IIT colleges have an edge because of their high standard of studies.

Which is better DTU or NIT Trichy?

DTU has a locational advantage over NIT Trichy in terms of the level of exposure. But NIT Trichy is also ahead in many ways like the faculty, placements in NIT Trichy are far more reputed than DTU….Which is better NIT Trichy or DTU?

Categories NIT Trichy DTU
Placement Percentage 90\% 80-90\%
Highest CTC 21 LPA 24 LPA
Average CTC 8-10 LPA 9 LPA

Which IITs are better than nits?

For core sectors like Mechanical and Electronics, IIT Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur followed by NIT Kurukshetra and NIT Jamshedpur are considered to be the best.

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How are the placements of Computer Science and engineering at NIT Trichy?

The placements of Computer Science and Engineering department at NIT, Trichy is not only at par with the placements at top IITs but also one the best in the country. Unlike IITs where most of the big companies visit the campus on the same day, the visiting of companies is pretty relaxed i.e. the companies rarely overlap with each other.

Are NITs still lagging behind IITs?

There is no deny with this fact that top NITs like Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Allahabad, etc have placements on par with old IITs and even much above that newer IITs. Research opportunities is the domain where I think most of the NITs are still lagging except NIT Trichy.

What is the placement of BTech in Computer Science in India?

The B.Tech. programme enjoys an enviable placement of almost 100\% year after year. About 15\% of the students pursue higher studies, mostly in the U.S with scholarship and even with fellowship. The Computers Today included the department among the 12 best schools in Computer Science, for the B.Tech. Programme in India.

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Is NIT Trichy better than CEG for ECE?

In terms of placements, NIT Trichy would be way ahead of CEG. The college enjoys a better reputation and big firms come for placements. For ECE, then recruiting companies visiting the on-campus placements at NIT Trichy are Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, SanDisk, Nvidia, etc.