Does INTP have fe?

Does INTP have fe?

The INTPs inferior function is their extraverted feeling (Fe) which focuses on the emotions and needs of other people. For the INTP this function is certainly not their most prominent, but it does play an important role in the way they process things and behave.

Why INTP and INFJ are golden pair?

INFJs are naturally attracted to intelligence, which is why they are attracted to INTP. Both of them have a strong interest in art and like to cultivate multiple hobbies. They enjoy each other’s unique perspectives, enriching their lives and making them more fulfilling.

How do you develop Fe inferior?

So let’s start :

  1. Trust your gut or your six sense (Ti) .
  2. Listen to your voices (Ti & Ne) .
  3. Don’t be hard on your emotions (Fe) .
  4. Never make decisions based on your emotions (Fe) .
  5. Your emotions (Fe) will put you in trouble many times .
  6. Exercise your strengths (Ti & Ne) always .
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What is the difference between an INTP and an INFJ?

INTP individuals are very private and their way of showing love and appreciation is through actions while INFJs show love consistently by words of affirmation, actions INTPs are not emotional and they tend to hold back their feelings while INFJs are very emotional and freely express their feelings

What are the 4 types of INTPs?

INTP 1 Introverted Thinking (Ti) 2 Extroverted Intuition (Ne) 3 Introverted Sensing (Si) 4 Extraverted Feeling (Fe) More

What are the characteristics of an INFJ male?

INTP males are introverts who are introverts, logical at sometimes optimistic, flexible. They usually like to keep to themselves or keep in environments of people with common interests and values What are the characteristics of an INFJ female? INFJ females are soft-spoken with a high degree of intuition and emotional intelligence.

Are INTPs and intjs good friends?

The INTJ and INTP are eerily similar their outer presentation, but their thinking and reasoning process couldn’t be any more different. This quirky pair makes excellent friends and partners in crime—with a potential to shake up the status quo.