What is the best weapon against plate armor?

What is the best weapon against plate armor?

Spear, pollaxe or a similar wooden handled weapon with a long reach has the advantage of reach, as well as some sort of spike/blade on it (sometimes a few of them). Swords actually can be useful, using a different set of techniques to unarmoured fighting, since hitting armour with a sword is quite useless.

What weapon could shoot through plates of armor?

What medieval weapons could penetrate heavy steel plated armor? Pikes, heavy crossbows and lances are some. The piercing end of a warhammer or several polearms, if delivered with enough force could penetrate full plate armor.

Can an AXE penetrate armour?

It’s almost impossible to penetrate armor with a blade, be it an axe or a sword. They spread the force over too much area. The more you concentrate the force the better it will penetrate.

What weapon made the armor of knights ineffective?

By the late 15th century, knights’ suits of armor had reached their pinnacle. But the weapon that would make them obsolete turned out to be the cannon.

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Are maces good against armor?

Maces are good against armour because armour neutralizes the swords cutting ability and to some extent its piercing ability (gaps being the exception). The mace is not that good at actually dealing damage.

What does plate armor protect against?

Plate armour was virtually invulnerable to sword slashes. It also protected the wearer well against spear or pike thrusts and provided decent defense against blunt trauma. The evolution of plate armour also triggered developments in the design of offensive weapons.

Is a mace better than a sword?

Even though maces could strike an opponent down with a single blow, the generally had a short reach and less practicality on a battlefield than a sword. A sword was light-weight, and could cause more bleeding than a mace, hindering the performance of an enemy troop.