How do you write a selection sort algorithm?

How do you write a selection sort algorithm?

Algorithm for Selection Sort

  1. Step 1: For i = 1 to n-1.
  2. step 2: Set min = arr[i]
  3. step 3: Set position = i.
  4. step 4: For j = i+1 to n-1 repeat:
  5. if (min > arr[j])
  6. Set min = arr[j]
  7. Set position = j.
  8. [end of if]

What is sorting in C write a program for selection sort?

Set the first element of the array as minimum. Place the minimum at the first position( index 0) of the array. Array = {12, 20 ,23, 55, 21} for the next iteration, start sorting from the first unsorted element i.e. the element next to where the minimum is placed.

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What is selection sort with an example?

The Selection sort algorithm is based on the idea of finding the minimum or maximum element in an unsorted array and then putting it in its correct position in a sorted array. Assume that the array A = [ 7 , 5 , 4 , 2 ] needs to be sorted in ascending order.

How do you write the selection sort code in Python?


  1. def selectionSort(array):
  2. n = len(array)
  3. for i in range(n):
  4. # Initially, assume the first element of the unsorted part as the minimum.
  5. minimum = i.
  6. for j in range(i+1, n):
  7. if (array[j] < array[minimum]):

What is the best case for selection sort?

Selection sort/Best complexity

How many steps are there in selection sort?

Step 1 – Select the first element of the list (i.e., Element at first position in the list). Step 2: Compare the selected element with all the other elements in the list. Step 3: In every comparision, if any element is found smaller than the selected element (for Ascending order), then both are swapped.

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Is selection sort greedy?

In every iteration of selection sort, the minimum element (considering ascending order) from the unsorted subarray is picked and moved to the sorted subarray. Clearly, it is a greedy approach to sort the array.

How do you write a selection sort in Java?

Selection Sort Java Example

  1. public class SelectionSortExample {
  2. public static void selectionSort(int[] arr){
  3. for (int i = 0; i < arr.length – 1; i++)
  4. {
  5. int index = i;
  6. for (int j = i + 1; j < arr.length; j++){
  7. if (arr[j] < arr[index]){
  8. index = j;//searching for lowest index.

How do you sort a list by selection sort in Python?

Python Program to Implement Selection Sort

  1. Create a function selection_sort that takes a list as argument.
  2. Inside the function create a loop with a loop variable i that counts from 0 to the length of the list – 1.
  3. Create a variable smallest with initial value i.

Is selection sort divide and conquer?

Bubble sort may also be viewed as a k = 2 divide- and-conquer sorting method. Insertion sort, selection sort and bubble sort divide a large instance into one smaller instance of size n – 1 and another one of size 1. Each of the two smaller instances is sorted recursively.

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How does a Selection sort work?

Selection sort works by selecting the smallest element from an unsorted array and moving it to the front. Now, the first item is sorted, and the rest of the array is unsorted.