How many Exeter students go to Harvard?

How many Exeter students go to Harvard?

Exeter annually sends about a third of its two hundred seniors to Harvard, where they compose the largest group of resident freshmen. These students are better prepared than any other group.

How hard is it to get into Phillips Academy Andover?

It’s not easy to gain acceptance to Phillips Academy, the Andover, Massachusetts boarding school pegged as the best high school in America. Of the more than 3,000 applications it receives each year, Andover only accepts 13\%, dashing the hopes of many students vying for a slot.

Is Lawrenceville a feeder school?

Although Lawrenceville and the other elite prep schools known as the Group of Seven — including Andover, Choate, Deerfield, Exeter, Hotchkiss, and St. Paul’s — are no longer strictly feeder schools for the top universities, they nonetheless have an exceptional record of preparing students for later academic success.

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What celebrities went to Phillips Exeter Academy?

This list includes Mark Zuckerberg, Franklin Pierce and more notable Phillips Exeter Academy alumni.

What is Andover Summer Session?

Andover Summer. Established in 1942, Phillips Academy’s Summer Session in Andover, Massachusetts, is the premier summer academic enrichment program in the country helping students from across the United States and around the world to achieve their educational goals.

What are the different types of summer programs?

Over the last decade, Summer Session has evolved into three distinct programs under the umbrella of Andover Summer: Summer Session (5 weeks, on-campus), eSummer (5 weeks, virtual) and Andover Advantage (2 weeks, on-campus).

Why choose a summer program atphillips Academy?

Phillips Academy’s flagship summer program, an intensive five week on-campus residential experience, is designed to prepare students for the rigors of the nation’s top high schools and colleges, as well as the challenge of leading and serving in this complex world.

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Why choose Andover College?

With more than 300 dynamic courses, Andover’s rigorous academic program offers a strong foundation in the arts, humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences. Our more than 150 electives include student-faculty research, independent projects, and immersive learning opportunities locally and abroad.