Should you talk to your ex family?

Should you talk to your ex family?

It is possible to maintain contact with an ex’s family. Discuss this with your ex, and decide together what spending time with his or her family will look like. Be respectful by seeing his or her family when your ex is not there. And make sure that the contact you have is not a lot.

Should I message my ex’s family?

Engaging with a message from your ex’s family can trigger painful feelings, Martinez says, especially when you’re having a tough time getting over them. “Generally speaking, you should just express how you feel, clearly and simply,” Weed says.

Is it weird to still hang out with your ex’s family?

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You can have a totally healthy and normal friendship with members of an ex’s family, as long as you’re considerate of your ex’s feelings. If you make the friendship work, you have even more people to go bowling with!

Is a divorced family still a family?

Divorced ends a marriage. It doesn’t, however, have to end a family. If you and your spouse work together you can create a healthy family dynamic for your children after divorce.

Can I be friends with my ex’s family?

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend keeps in contact?

Summary. Guys will often stay in contact with their ex’s for different reasons, but the chances are that often the reason is that they are still interested in getting together with you in one way or another. Try not to read too much into it, but be aware of his actions and behaviours when he is around you.

Should you keep in touch with your ex’s family?

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Co-parenting is a totally legitimate reason for your ex and family to keep in touch, so long as they respect your boundaries. According to Masini, you should also keep your ex’s comfort should be kept in mind if you choose to reach out to their family.

Should you be friends with your ex’s siblings?

Even if you spent time with their siblings frequently and considered them close friends, it can be good to prioritize your ex’s feelings. “If your ex doesn’t want you to be friends with his or her family, you should respect that and back off,” Masini says.

What do you do when your ex contacts you years later?

When an ex contacts you years later, you need to focus on why he or she is your ex first. Pro tip: Keep your mind open and your heart closed. Your heart might start beating faster the moment you get a text from the ex but take a few minutes off to think of the consequences if you end up meeting the ex again.