Why do INFJs hate INTPs?

Why do INFJs hate INTPs?

Perhaps INTPs feel hated because INFJs will often question your principles, methodology and decision-making. I mean, under pressure INTPs seem to buckle easily and make a lot of mistakes and bad, arbitrary decisions. In a professional setting INTPs can easily lose a lot of respect quickly if they are not careful.

Can INFJ read INTP?

INFJs may be able to read INTPs but do not say a word about what they are reading.

Are INFJs smarter than INTPs?

Overall INTJs have the highest collective IQ of all types, with INTP being close seconds. And the third smartest type is overall INFJ. This being clarified, INFP tend to be very smart and I would say that on average they’re arguably around fourth place.

What annoys an Infj?

INFJs detest attention-seeking behaviors and melodrama. Their strong intuition combined with their awareness of emotions makes it easy for them to spot when someone is being fake or is always seeking the spotlight. Emotionally manipulative movies and TV shows also get on their nerves.

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Can INTP be adventurous?

INTPs have an often strong internal sense of adventure. They do not always act on this adventurous nature, and often are left to purely imagine all of the things they would like to do. INTPs often get antsy if they are stuck in one place for too long, and may need to spontaneously go on a new exploration of some kind.

Who is smarter INTP or Intj?

Overall the smartest type is INTJ. More specifically on average the top 3 smartest types are INFJs at third place, INTPs at second place and INTJs at first place.

What is the dark side of an Infj?

Remember that INFJs tend to be quite sensitive and emotional. If an INFJ slams the door on you, they may suddenly stop all communication with you. If this is not possible, because they see you every day at home, work, or school, they may simply close themselves off emotionally and refuse to allow you in.