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What is difference between Rankine and actual Rankine cycle?

What is difference between Rankine and actual Rankine cycle?

Thus the efficiency of the actual Rankine cycle is far lower than the ideal Rankine cycle efficiency….Difference Between Ideal and Actual Rankine Cycle.

Rankine Cycle Representation is as follows on P-v and T-s diagrams:
Ideal Rankine Cycle 1-2′-b-3′-4′-1
Actual Rankine Cycle 1-2-b-3-4-1

What is the difference between a Rankine cycle?

It gives highest efficiency between given temperature difference. As I told Rankine cycle is an ideal vapor power generation cycle used in steam turbine….Difference between Carnot Cycle and Rankine cycle:

Sr. No. Carnot Cycle Rankine Cycle
5. Carnot cycle is an ideal cycle for heat engine. It is an ideal cycle for vapor power engine.
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What are the modification of Rankine cycle?

Modification of the Rankine cycle involves increasing the final feedwater temperature through use of a Reboiler and an Exergetic Heater. It eliminates cycle efficiency from dependency on turbine steam path pressure.

What is the difference between a Rankine cycle and a bright on cycle?

The key difference between Rankine cycle and Brayton cycle is that the Rankine cycle is a vapour cycle, whereas the Brayton cycle is a cycle between liquid and vapour phases. Both the Rankine cycle and Brayton cycle are thermodynamic cycles.

What are advantages of modified Rankine cycle?

This cycle is known as modified Rankine cycle. The reason for the early release is that at the lower pressure the specific volume of steam is high. In order to accommodate such rapidly expanding steam, large cylinder volume is necessary and the extra work obtained is very small.

What is the difference between Rankine cycle and Brayton cycle Mcq?

Explanation: The difference between a Rankine cycle & a Brayton cycle is that the working fluid in a Brayton cycle doesn’t undergo phase change while it does in Rankine cycle.

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How does Rankine cycle differ from Carnot cycle?

1. How can we differentiate Rankine cycle from Carnot cycle? Explanation: Heat addition process of Rankine cycle is reversible isobaric whereas heat addition process of Carnot cycle is reversible isothermal. This is one of the major differences in both the cycles.

What pump is used in Rankine cycle?

The Rankine cycle operates in the following steps: 1-2-3 Isobaric Heat Transfer. High pressure liquid enters the boiler from the feed pump (1) and is heated to the saturation temperature (2). Further addition of energy causes evaporation of the liquid until it is fully converted to saturated steam (3).

What is modified Rankine cycle give its PV & Ts diagram?

The modified Rankine cycle is represented by 1-2′-3′-3-4-1 cycle on p-v and T-s diagram in Fig. 35.1. In this cycle the expansion is stopped at a pressure called release pressure which is above the condenser (back) pressure and then it falls to the condenser (back) pressure at constant volume.

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What are the reasons for modification of Rankine cycle?

Use of Modified Rankine cycle causes the

  • Reduction of the bore of cylinder.
  • Reduction of the stroke of cylinder.
  • Increase the work output of an engine.
  • Increase the efficiency of an engine.

Is Brayton and Rankine cycle more efficient?

The Brayton cycle, by design, gives higher thermal efficiencies than the Rankine cycle, and modifications to the Brayton cycle produce a much larger increase in thermal efficiency than for the Rankine cycle; the addition of one extra component in each (reheat in the Rankine cycle, R2 in Table 2, and regeneration in the …

Which Cycle is more suitable for the reciprocating engines?

Why is Otto cycle more suitable in reciprocating engine field? Explanation: This is the reason why Brayton cycle is not preferred in reciprocating engine field. 14. In turbine plants, Otto cycle is more suitable than Brayton cycle.