Are there any photo competitions?

Are there any photo competitions?

Sony World Photography Awards The Sony World Photography Awards are one of the world’s largest and most prestigious photography competitions and the 12th edition saw a record-breaking 326,997 submissions by photographers from 195 countries and territories.

How much does ViewBug cost?

How Does ViewBug Work? Anyone can sign up for a free online ViewBug account. Your account gives you opportunities to post your photos and gain followers. With a free account, you can upload up to 10 photos per week and have opportunities to submit your photos to free contests.

Can you make money on ViewBug?

Each photo can sell many times and to different people – and you’ll make money each time. You will alway be the owner of your photos and you choose which photos you want to sell. We partner with the top licensing agencies in the World to give you maximum exposure to top clients.

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Should you enter free photo contests?

Entering free photo contests is an excellent way to improve photography skills and in some cases meet other photographers. Whether you are planning to enter the portrait photo contest or the flower photography competition we recommend keeping in mind a couple of things. First, ensure that you are entering a contest with a reliable company.

How many photography competitions are there?

For amateurs, there are five categories. Both competitions go through a respected jury of acclaimed gallery owners, publishers, editors, and photographers. These awards have been around since 2014. The ND magazine and its community brought this photography contest into fruition. 3. International Photography Awards

What are the categories for the iPad and iPhone Photography Contest?

The categories for this iPad and iPhone photography contest are Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Children, Floral, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News and Events, Panorama, People, Portrait, Series (3 images), Still Life, Sunset, Travel, Trees, Other. Entry Fee: $3.50 for one image and there are no limits on the no. of images you submit.

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What are the best photography contests for beginners?

Flowers are a popular topic for photography contest. This photo contest challenges you to share a photo of a flower (or many flowers). The sea covers over 70\% of the earth. So you should have plenty to shoot for this seascape contest. Turn your attention to the ocean and share a photo that uses the sea.