Can quantum computers solve all problems?

Can quantum computers solve all problems?

Quantum computers can solve NP-hard problems that classical computers are unable to solve. They also proved that P is a subset of BQP- that a quantum computer can solve all problems that a classical computer can solve. They also defined another class of problems called PH or “Polynomial Hierarchy”.

Can quantum computers simulate the universe?

So a quantum computer, however powerful, cannot be used to simulate an entire universe. It will never be in sync with our own universe. It will rather create a different universe.

Can a computer give a maybe answer?

Can you write an expression to deal with a “maybe” answer? Yes the computer can evaluate an expression to something between true and false. This will give an expression to deal with a “maybe” answer for humans because somebody might have a different opinion.

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Can a quantum computer predict lottery numbers?

No, quantum computers most likely won’t be any better at classical mechanics. It may also be physically impossible because of quantum mechanics. It is not possible to predict some chaos pendula, because you would need to know the starting position more precisely than the uncertainty principle allows.

How big would a computer have to be to simulate the universe?

A plausible platform would be a 256-bit or 1024-bit computer because the diameter of the universe is 2^205 in planck distance units (9.3 bln light years, but expanding still) and the elapsed time so far is 2^198 in planck time (13.8 bln years, but the universe still has a while to go assuming that our feeble …

What could you accomplish with quantum computers?

– Advances in quantum computing could help us simulate large complex molecules. – These simulations could uncover new catalysts for carbon capture that are cheaper and more efficient than current models. – We can currently simulate small molecules up to a few dozen qubits but need to scale this to the order of 1 million.

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What exactly is a quantum computer?

Quantum Computer. A Quantum Computer is a device that is used for performing quantum calculations,which are highly complex in nature.

  • Applications of Quantum Computing. Cybersecurity: Personal information is stored in computers in the current era of digitization.
  • Classical Computing Vs. Quantum Computing.
  • Are quantum computers dangerous?

    A practical quantum computer, if it fell into the wrong hands, could be a very dangerous piece of equipment. Due to the fact that quantum computers are able to process many calculations and work with very large numbers, they would be able to code and decode information very quickly.

    Do computers use quantum mechanics to operate?

    At bottom, the entire computer industry is built on quantum mechanics. Modern semiconductor-based electronics rely on the band structure of solid objects. This is fundamentally a quantum phenomenon, depending on the wave nature of electrons, and because we understand that wave nature, we can manipulate the electrical properties of silicon.