Did the Emperor care about the Primarchs?

Did the Emperor care about the Primarchs?

In Master of Mankind, during his conversations with the Techpriest Arkan Land, the Emperor reveals that He holds no special considerations towards the Primarchs, nor does He consider them His sons in spite of them calling Him ‘Father.

What did the Emperor do during the Horus Heresy?

The Emperor chose to sacrifice His immortal life at the end of the Horus Heresy in the service and protection of Mankind. To Humanity’s countless trillions across the galaxy-spanning Imperium, He is nothing less than God.

Why didn’t the Emperor tell the Primarchs about the webway?

Why did the Emperor keep the webway of mankind a secret from the primarchs? Because that is the nature of top secret need-to-know projects. You inform them only the people who absolutely must know about them.

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What was the Emperor’s goal 40k?

Ultimately the Emperor’s goal is to shepherd Humanity into a psychic race, along the lines of the Eldar. The Webway was just a way to cut humanity off from the warp while this happened. Given that goal, it’s hard to see how the Webway Project is the ultimate capstone of His plan.

Was the Horus Heresy planned by the emperor?

As per the new lore, the Emperor did predict the Horus Heresy. In fact, he depended upon it to happen. He didn’t know how exactly it would happen until the events of The Outcast Dead because there were many futures he foresaw and their likelihoods changed depending upon his actions.

Did the emperor want the heresy to happen?

Can humans use the webway?

The Emperor created a new caste of Mechanicum Tech-Priest known as the Unifiers to construct new Webway tunnels for human use. However, unlike the original Webway tunnels, these were not made of psychically resistant material.

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Does the emperor have a plan?

The Emperor’s plan was to have the Empire destroyed, culling its weak elements and punishing it for failing to protect him, while also ensuring its rebirth in the Unknown Regions of space at the hands of an elect assembled by the Emperor and Rax in order to continue its legacy.

Does Emperor protect?

The Emperor protects always and forever. He is the Omnissiah and will always live, always protect, always watch. He will protect all loyal to the Imperium and it is an honor to fight and die in the name of the emperor.