Do INFJs understand themselves?

Do INFJs understand themselves?

When it comes to the emotions of other people the INFJ can sense them and understand them often better than they understand themselves. INFJs do sometimes prefer to throw themselves into the needs and feelings of others, since their own emotions can feel overwhelming.

Why do INFJs not like talking about themselves?

We don’t talk about ourselves because 1) We are very weird and complex and sensitive so we get hurt often when people don’t get us (also happens often) 2) We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

How do INFJs express themselves?

Say what you mean & mean what you say (but don’t say it meanly) As an INFJ, expressing yourself through your feelings is critical to your psychological well-being. The trick is to confess your feelings with confidence, assertiveness and kindness. A better option is to be honest about how you are feeling from the start.

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Do INFJs talk about themselves a lot?

INFJs talk to themselves all the time because they perceive a lot during the course of the day and try to give meaning to what they perceive. This is done through dialogues with SELF about emotions felt or perceived, experiences experienced, past mistakes, etc.

Why are INFJs so hard on themselves?

Very high expectations INFJs feel the pressure, but ironically, it’s usually the pressure we put on ourselves. Perfectionistic, ambitious, and often high-achieving, INFJs hate to fail. Add in our high expectations, and this is a sure-fire recipe for self-sabotage.

Is INFJ easy to speak?

INFJs find it easy to communicate with people of various types and on a variety of topics. However, INFJs can occasionally come across as somewhat reserved in their communication. Yet what they do when they appear reserved is taking time to sort out their feelings and thoughts of other people or current events.

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What frustrates an INFJ?

Conflict Arguments, tension, and drama are like poison to the sensitive INFJ. They may even feel physically ill when fighting with a loved one or when there is constant, underlying tension in a relationship. This doesn’t mean that you can never disagree with an INFJ.

How can an INFJ speak more clearly?

If you’d like to get better at sharing what’s on your mind clearly and concisely, check out these five strategies.

  1. Write consistently. Most INFJs are better writers than they are talkers.
  2. Process your thoughts and feelings first.
  3. Study your own communication.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Learn from other types.