Does having a CFA help for IIM admission?

Does having a CFA help for IIM admission?

A: The competition at IIM-A is intense and many students have cleared CFA L1. Finance recruiters give a lot of importance to academic scores and hence, the students with low academic scores and CFA L1 sometimes aren’t able to make the cut.

Does CFA help in MBA Placements?

Yes, it might stretch you at times, but (a) it is far easier to get done with these exams when you are studying than while you are working, (b) if you clear them, you do stand to gain some of the benefits highlighted earlier.

Does CFA provide placements?

It’s worth mentioning that CFA Institute doesn’t offer any direct placements, unlike B-Schools, however, with a global network of CFA Societies, one can get excellent networking opportunities in India and abroad.

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Does CFA help in IIM placements Quora?

Yes CFA does offer much advantage if you are targetting Finance. It will be even better if you do CFA L1 before IIM as it will be superb competitive advantage during summer placements and eventually chances of PPO ( pre placement offer) in financial firms.

What is better MBA in finance or CFA?

CFA is much cheaper than an MBA in Finance degree and it promises the same if not more returns. Plus, since the course is mostly based on self-study and does not require a candidate to join any particular college, there are no additional costs associated with the programme except for the course fee.

Do banks hire CFA?

Indian Banks prefer MBA and CA for their work. If it is marketing or branch activities, they hire MBA. If its treasury or loan processing, they hire CA. CFA is designed for financial analysis and for advisory.

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Do people do MBA after CFA?

You can do MBA after CFA aswell. it is definitely good if you are interested in CFA curriculum and you understand why you want to do CFA. its a very rigorous exam and demands lot of hardwork to achieve that CFA charterholder.

Which UG degree is best for CFA?

That said, if you feel convinced about CFA at your stage, then any degree at the bachelors level should be fine. You could do BBA, BBS, BBM, BA (H) Economics, BCom (H), BA (H) Maths, BA (H) Statistics, BFIA (I am assuming that the science/engineering/humanities stream does not interest you.) All the best!

Will a CFA help me get into investment banking?

In any case, CFA certification is a solid credential for many investment jobs. It’s well worth considering if you are aiming for an entry-level job in investment banking. In fact, it will probably serve you better than an MBA from any business school other than the top 20.