How do you break up when you both still love each other?

How do you break up when you both still love each other?

How to Get over a Breakup when You Still Love Each Other: 11…

  1. 1 Give each other space for a while.
  2. 2 Take a few days to really grieve.
  3. 3 Take care of yourself.
  4. 4 Talk to people you care about.
  5. 5 Keep yourself busy.
  6. 6 Look for the good in being single.
  7. 7 Find the lesson in the breakup.

Should you end a relationship if you still love each other?

Is it okay to break up with someone you love? It is okay to break up with someone you love, and sometimes, it’s necessary. You might feel like best friends or even soulmates, but you can’t stay in relationships that aren’t right for you.

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Do Affairs ever end well?

Even those affairs that seem to be going really well often end in a breakup. Affairs don’t usually last, and even if a serious or committed relationship comes out of an affair, it is unlikely to be sustainable and thriving for very long.

Is it possible to end an affair when you want to?

And yet, you feel love and chemistry with your affair partner. Ending a love affair hurts — even when you know the affair has to stop. There are no scripts or formulas on how to end an affair when you want to continue…there is only faith and the hope of something more.

What happens to the unfaithful spouse after an affair?

The excitement of the affair starts to wane somewhat, as the constant secrecy takes its toll on the unfaithful spouse. Also, the ‘perceived perfection of the affair partner’ starts to show it’s cracks. Their faults begin to surface more now and become harder to deny and overlook.

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Is it hard to break up with someone you love?

Breaking up is always hard – and ending an affair with someone you love is no different. You know you need to stop because cheating is painful and destructive. And your endless searching for tips on how to end an affair is redundant and unnecessary. Why? Because you already know how to break up with someone. You just don’t want to do it.

What happens to your brain when you have an affair?

A little information on the chemical release in our brains. The brain chemical, dopamine, is the ‘feel good’ chemical. In this early stage of an affair, it releases a high the two have likely not felt in years, while at this point their serotonin levels usually drop.