Is caste certificate important for general category?

Is caste certificate important for general category?

Usually, the caste certificate is required for categories other than General category such as SC, ST, OBC etc. General category candidates do not need to show the caste certificates or documents.

What happened if OBC certificate not produced?

If you have not provided the proper category certificate at the time of counselling you will be treated as general category and you cannot claim any reservation. You will get admission but you will be given a seat under general category seat in NEET UG 2020 counselling based on the merit.

Is caste validity certificate mandatory for OBC?

Answer. If you are a OBC/SC/ST candidate then cast validity is compulsory to submit while taking admission in NIT/IIT. Earlier only caste certificate were asked to submit but now both caste certificate and caste validity is asked to submit while admission procedure.

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What is unreserved category in IBPS?

Just focus on your target and prepared accordingly. And unreserved category have 50\% seats among total seats and you need only one seat for selection. Hope this will help. Thanks.

Can I change my caste from general to SC?

In Indian system every person into a particular caste. There is no way that you can your caste in your life. Meaning thereby that you cannot change your caste. Even if you change your caste most importantly your religion will remain the same.

Why do we need caste certificate?

Caste certificates are used to provide certain privileges to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to bring equality among all the citizens. Thus, a caste certificate is mandatory for receiving any such benefits for a person belonging to Scheduled Cast or Scheduled Tribe community.

What is the validity of caste certificate in UP?

What is the Validity Of Caste Certificate? The Validity of the Caste- Certificate is 1 year from the date of issuance for OBC-NCl Central Govt.

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What is the validity of OBC caste certificate in UP?

Validity of OBC (NCL) Certificate issued by Central Government is One year.

Can final year students give IBPS PO?

Final year students whose result shall be declared till 26 August 2020 can apply for IBPS PO 2020 Recruitment. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has mentioned in the official IBPS PO Notification released that candidate applying for IBPS PO 2020 must have graduation degree from any stream as on 26.08.

Which bank exam is best for girl?


  • IBPS.
  • JAIIB.
  • Insurance. LIC. LIC AAO. LIC ADO. LIC Assistant. NIACL. NIACL AO. NIACL Assistant. ESIC. ESIC UDC. ESIC-SSO.
  • Other Bank Exams.
  • Is the cast certificate required for the IBPS interview?

    Some important documents are expected from the candidates during the interview, and YES, the cast certificate is one such document and has to be produced in the prescribed format for the interview. By considering this caste certificate IBPS format only, the candidates who are eligible for any relaxation either in age, fees or marks would be given.

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    Is there any caste system in IBPS exam 2019?

    So the same caste system is also considered while conducting the IBPS Exam 2019. The castes are described as any class or group of people who inherit exclusive privileges or are perceived as socially distinct.

    What is the selection process for the IBPS Po posts?

    The selection process for the IBPS PO posts is conducted in three stages- Preliminary examination. Mains examination. Interview. Prelims exam is one hour objective type examination including three subjects with a total of 100 marks. Exam is conducted online.

    What are the documents required for caste identity?

    For Caste Identity: The candidate needs to submit the caste certificate of any paternal blood relation and proof of such relation, a copy of old land deed (prior to 1950) specifying community name in that document, any government document proving caste identity.