Is revan the most powerful Star Wars character?

Is revan the most powerful Star Wars character?

Revan was one of the most powerful Force users of all time, if not the most powerful. As Darth Vader himself said, “The power to destroy a star is insignificant next to the power of the Force,” which, of course, he followed up by psychically choking a man who had truly terrible ’70s sideburns.

Could Revan beat KYLO Ren?

In the areas of a tactical skill, light saber ability, and force power, Revan is vastly more skilled than Kylo Ren. He wins easily. He can take Revan down with his force abilities without relying on his lightsaber, but with his lightsaber, he could take down Kylo Ren in one minute tops.

Who is the strongest in Starwars?

1 Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker Was One Of The Most Powerful Sith In History.

Can Mask beat Thanos?

Mask vs Thanos in basically same as Impossible Man vs Thanos. In a death battle, it depends — if Thanos has no infinity stones with him, Mask will just flush away Thanos in a second provided Mask in a mood of fighting. If Thanos has infinity gauntlet then probably a stalemate.

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Could Darth Vader beat Thanos in a fight?

If Darth Vader realizes that he can’t beat Thanos any other way (although I think he can), then Darth Vader could simply Force choke Thanos to death. However, Thanos is still almost a god, so this brings the two sides about even. Overall, though, this is still a theoretical battle and it could go either way.

Would Darth Vader be able to defeat the force?

Force or no Force, Darth Vader wouldn’t have a chance against that might. Though Vader is a powerful Sith Lord, he doesn’t have the full complement of Dark Side abilities. That belongs to Emperor Palpatine. Hence, the reason he’s the power behind Vader and the entire movement to eliminate freedom from the galaxy.

Why can’t Thanos kill Luke Skywalker?

Vader isn’t so cold as to sacrifice a child for the larger cause. Somewhere inside that machinery is a heart, which is the reason he couldn’t kill Luke. This compassion is one thing Thanos could take advantage of in a fight. Before he became Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker was an adept 10-year-old pilot.

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How powerful is Bane compared to Darth Vader?

Also, Bane was extremely powerful in Vader’s special powers – telekinesis and aggressive Form V attacks, which was exactly the fighting style, which Luke Skywalker used to defeat Anakin in Return of the Jedi.