What is the most common personality type for celebrities?

What is the most common personality type for celebrities?

The ISFP is the most common type among successful musicians.

  • Kanye West is an ISFP 4wing5.
  • Michael Jackson was an ISFP 4wing3.
  • Johnny Depp is an INFJ 4wing5.

What personality type are actors?

Entertainers love the spotlight, and all the world’s a stage. Many famous people with the Entertainer personality type are indeed actors, but they love putting on a show for their friends too, chatting with a unique and earthy wit, soaking up attention and making every outing feel a bit like a party.

What are some famous people with Myers-Briggs personality types?

Additional Myers-Briggs® Famous INTP Celebrity Personality Types. Myers-Briggs INTP Personality Types are known for being independent problem solvers who specialize in providing logic-based concise analysis of situations. Famous Myers-Briggs INTP Personality Type Paul Allen is the less well-known co-founder of Microsoft.

What are the personality types of celebrities?

Be it a carefree, argumentative, Bohemian or even outspoken, the world has produced celebrities in every possible personality category. While many dictators such as Hitler turned historic due to their dominating traits, philanthropists such as Mother Teresa were famous for being kind to the poor and the needy.

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Who is the famous INTP celebrity personality type?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Famous INTP Celebrity Personality Type Albert Einstein. Author: Ferdinand Schmutzer (1870–1928) One Myers-Briggs® Celebrity INTP Personality Type is theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. By examining his life and body of work, we can see how he personifies the qualities of the Myers-Briggs Test INTP Personality Type.

What Myers-Briggs personality type is Tina Fey?

(Myers, CPP. 1998) Famous Myers-Briggs INTP Personality Type Tina Fey is a great example of a comedian and writer that naturally is more likely to stand back and observe people as opposed to taking part in expressive antics, but like a natural INTP, she is capable of stepping up and performing within her specialty.