Whats the worst thing you can say to a friend?

Whats the worst thing you can say to a friend?

The 4 Worst Things to Say to a Friend Who’s Suffering

  • “I know how you feel.” Honestly, you can’t, you don’t, and you won’t.
  • “This is God’s plan.”
  • “If you need anything, give me a call.”
  • “This, too, shall pass.”

What is the rudest thing to say to someone?

60 People Share The Most Soul-Crushingly Cruel Thing Anyone Ever Said To Them

  1. “You will end up alone.”
  2. “I wish you hadn’t failed.”
  3. “If I was your best friend I would have killed myself, too.”
  4. “I hope they never find your dad and I hope he’s dead.”
  5. “My life would be so much better if you were never born.”
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Whats worse or what’s worst?

The key difference is that worse is used when directly comparing two or more things, and worst is used to describe something that is the “most bad.” For instance if the fish you had today is bad but yesterday’s was really bad, you’d say that yesterday’s meal is worse.

Which is correct worst or worse?

Remember that worse is used to compare two things, such as “now” and “before,” while worst compares three or more things. You might use worse than yesterday, but this doesn’t make it the worst cold you ever had.

Does everything happen for a reason?

One way of interpreting the statement is that every effect has a cause. The cause is the reason — the explanation of what made that effect happen. So yes, everything does happen for a reason.

Why do bad things happen Bible?

Bad things happen to people because of sin. In Genesis 3:1-7, we learn about the fall of the human race. It explains that sin entered the world because human beings failed in trusting God’s best for them.

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What do middle school girls want in a boy?

Physical Attraction. Girls look for guys who are cute and good looking, but it’s a personal taste as to what matters the most. Girls are much more interested in a warm smile and nice eyes (these may be what a girl looks for in a guy physically), but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

What are the 10 worst things that could happen in life?

Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life. 1 1 Being Buried Alive. 2 2 Going to Hell. 3 3 Lose a Child. 4 4 Getting Raped. 5 5 Going to Jail for Life.

What is the worst case scenario when you get sick?

When you get sick, the worst case scenario is that you die. When you die, you go to either hell or heaven unless there is no such thing. However, I think there a such thing as hell and heaven.

Is hell worse than life?

Hell is not fictional. Quantum physics has proven that the conciousness moves out of the body after death, and that it goes somewhere else. Sure, life is hard, with relationship struggles, deaths of family members, being fired, etc. , but Hell is worse. In life, there’s hope.