Who would win a fight between Thor and Doctor Strange?

Who would win a fight between Thor and Doctor Strange?

In a blunt straight fight, Thor would decimate Doctor Strange with his brutal strength and durability. With some prep time, Doctor Strange’s versatility and many magical tricks would be hard for pretty much anyone to beat, even a God.

Is ego in Doctor Strange?

Stephen Strange is a talented neurosurgeon with a huge ego. After a car accident, Dr. Strange damages his fingers and loses control of his hands. The surgeon, Christine Palmer, who was his lover, tries to help him.

Is Doctor Strange stronger than Iron Man?

So, if Iron Man just cuts loose on Dr. Strange before he can respond, Iron Man wins. In all other cases, Dr. Strange wins easily.

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How was Stephen Strange a threat to Hydra?

HYDRA had their AI to blacklist all of people who got talent but not likely to join HYDRA. HYDRA collected their behavior and trend through social media. Anyone who wouldn’t mindlessly follow or submit to Hydra was considered a threat. And he probably name dropped Stephen Strange because he was a well-known surgeon.

What is Doctor Strange’s IQ?

They rate Doctor Strange’s intelligence as a 4 on a scale of 1 to 7, while Tony Stark and Bruce Banner each rate a 6.

Is Doctor Strange’s Magic Shield worth it?

With help from Seraphim, Doctor strange can summon magical shields to protect him or his comrades against oncoming attacks, magical or otherwise. Effective in massive battles against cosmic beings or just making cover up close and personal, the shield sure comes in handy. One of his more overused spells, the magic shield still has its merit.

What is the most powerful magical being that Doctor Strange has invoked?

Outside of the Dread Dormammu (and, to a certain extent, the Hoary Hoggoth), the most famous magical being that Doctor Strange invokes is likely Cyttorak, not because of his use in issues of “Doctor Strange”, but because one of Cyttorak’s crimson gems became the power sources for the popular “X-Men” villain, the Juggernaut.

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Does Doctor Strange have a sword?

Strange also carries a sword, the Scalpel of Strange, in his arsenal for those times when magic blasts just don’t cut it. During his time in Kamar Taj, Strange learned martial arts at the hands of Tibetan masters.

How often does Doctor Strange use bolts of magic?

Doctor Strange uses bolts of magic frequently – so frequently that while there have been a few of these bolts that have received names over the years, the vast majority of them go nameless, as Strange sending blasts of energy from his hands against bad guys is just a simple way of depicting that Strange was doing something active.