Who would win in a fight Darth Revan or Darth Sidious?

Who would win in a fight Darth Revan or Darth Sidious?

Not only would Sidious beat the massively Pre-Prime incarnation of Darth Revan, he’d beat him in his prime as a Jedi. Revan is inferior to Yoda, who up until his time was the most powerful Jedi (and who Sidious defeated).

Did Palpatine know about Revan?

Sidious also realised Revan’s ideology and respected the apprentice-master relationship that he established. However, he despised the fact that Revan turned to the Light Side and the way the Republic manipulated him into helping them win the Jedi Civil War.

How did Darth nihilus eat a planet?

Nihilus consumed planets on several occasions, caring only to appease his hunger, allowing the dark side to consume him more and more each time he indulged his ever-intensifying hunger. Sion combined his power with Nihilus’ to sap Traya’s Force energy, cutting her off from the Force before casting her out into exile.

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Was revan a GREY Jedi?

Two of the most prominent Gray Jedi in Star Wars Legends were Revan and Jolee Bindo. Although Revan was never officially classified as a Gray Jedi, he represents someone who constantly straddled the line between the light side and the dark side. He was an outcast from the Jedi Order for his unorthodox views.

How many Sith were there before Darth Bane?

Prior to Darth Bane’s involvement, there were way more than two Sith at a time, which created all sorts of treacherous chaos. But, the post-Bane Sith landscape was different: only two at a time. The success of this strategy is dubious, simply because it’s not like the Sith actually won in the long run.

Who is the darthiest Darth in Star Wars?

The Darthiest Darth of them all is still Lord Vader. Still, we left a lot of Sith off the list — mostly because they just weren’t good enough: Darth Talon, Darth Krayt and yeah, even — ahem Darth Tyranus. Because Talon and Krayt both exist in the “future” Legacy continuity, they seem non-canon enough to not count anymore.

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Is Darth Revan part of the Star Wars canon?

Now, strictly speaking, Revan and all the various stories of ancient Jedi Knights, either in video game, comic, or novel forms, aren’t part of the current official Star Wars canon. And yet, because we’re dealing with events taking places thousands of years before the established stories, it seems like we could include really ancient Force-users.

How many lightsaber forms did Darth Revan Master?

Still, Darth Revan mastered all seven lightsaber fighting forms as well as both the Light and Dark sides of the Force throughout his career. A leading Jedi Knight in the Mandalorian Wars turned Sith Lord who later turned neutral, Revan survived for hundreds of years, through torture and other hardship.