How can I get scholarship for IIT Gandhinagar?

How can I get scholarship for IIT Gandhinagar?

Students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 (Except First year) and whose family annual income is not more than ₹ 3,00,000 are eligible for this scholarship. The awardee will be eligible for ₹ 10,000 per month for ten months. The awardee is expected to financially help at least one needy IIT Gandhinagar student in future.

Does IIT provide financial aid?

Merit-cum-Means Scholarship 1000/- per month and a tuition fee waiver is awarded to 25\% of the students admitted under the B. Tech. In addition to regular scholarships, the Institute also offers: About 200 endowment scholarships for undergraduate students and scholarships and tuition fee waiver for SC/ST students.

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What is the fees of IIT Gandhinagar?

IIT Gandhinagar Ph. d fees is INR 48,500 for the first year….Indian Institute of Technology, [IIT] Gandhinagar Fee Structure and List of Courses Summary.

Course Duration Fees
B.Tech [Bachelor of Technology] 4 Years ₹10.28 Lakh

Is IIT a scholarship?

This year, the IIT Delhi Endowment Fund has instituted 30 scholarships for 15 men and 15 women among incoming UG students. These scholarships are merit-based and will be decided based on the JEE (Advanced) rank of the student. The value of the scholarship is Rs 1,00,000 per annum.

How much is the stipend for PhD in IIT Gandhinagar?

After successful completion of two years in a regular PhD programme, a PhD candidate may be eligible for a monthly fellowship of Rs. 35,000/-.

Does IIIT provide scholarship?

All students whose annual income is up to Rs. 2,50,000 will be eligible for 100\% scholarship, and students whose family’s annual income is upto Rs. 250001-600000 will be eligible for 50\% scholarship..

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Why IIT Gandhinagar is best for PhD?

Being a green field project, IIT Gandhinagar has a unique opportunity to become a top ranked world- class university; an Institution that fosters excellence in learning, research, scholarship and innovation, and that helps create global leaders indifferent fields of endeavour.

Why give to IIT Gandhinagar?

The Board of Governors of IITGN and the administration are committed to developing a flexible governance structure that empowers the faculty and students to a degree that is unprecedented in Indian academia. The IITGN Benefactor Circle recognises donors who have made a lifetime donation Rs 20 lakhs ($30,000) or more to IIT Gandhinagar.

What is the IITGN grant program?

IITGN provides very generous grants and loans as per the need of the student to support academic requirements, excellence activities (including international internship), and in some cases personal expenses.

What is the IITGN benefactor circle?

The IITGN Benefactor Circle recognises donors who have made a lifetime donation Rs 20 lakhs ($30,000) or more to IIT Gandhinagar. Their exceptional generosity supports academic excellence and innovative programs at the Institute.

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How do I reach Gandhinagar University?

The Institute is located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on the banks of the river Sabarmati at just a 20 minute drive from Ahmedabad Airport and approximately 45-minute to 1 hour drive from Ahmedabad Railway Station. Auto rickshaws and taxis (including Uber/Ola) to get to campus are easily available.