How can I make Mondays better at work?

How can I make Mondays better at work?

But, there are a few simple things you can do to make them suck at least a little bit less.

  1. Go to Bed Early. Making Monday more tolerable actually starts before that dreaded day ever actually rolls around.
  2. Chug a Glass of Water.
  3. Avoid Morning Meetings.
  4. Start With Something Productive.
  5. Do Something You Enjoy.
  6. Smile.

How do I make Mondays amazing?

9 Ways to Make Any Monday Amazing

  1. Get organized Sunday night.
  2. Have breakfast or lunch with a good friend.
  3. Read an inspiring article or two.
  4. Start with a workout.
  5. Say some powerful affirmations.
  6. Start an exciting project.
  7. Crank up the music.
  8. Say a little prayer.

What makes you excited about Monday?

1) You start afresh with a new energy and goals. 2) You meet your office friends and colleagues after a long break. 3) You love your job, your job is what you love.

How can I look forward to Monday?

Luckily, the GenTwenty team has ten foolproof ways for you to look forward to Monday:

  1. Rejoice that you can start fresh.
  2. Schedule a Monday lunch date.
  3. Make plans after work/school.
  4. Wake up early on Mondays.
  5. Wear your favorites.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Meal prep.
  8. Enjoy some sunlight.
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How do you make Mondays less difficult?

How To Make Mondays Less Hard

  1. Prepare in advance.
  2. Start the workday early.
  3. Give yourself something to look forward to.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.
  5. Set a cutoff time for social media.
  6. Make time on Mondays to focus on your mental health.
  7. Assess your general happiness at work.

How can I get Monday Motivation?

Six tips to help you find your Monday motivation

  1. One Thing At A Time. Focus your attention on one thing at a time.
  2. Write A List.
  3. Stick To A Plan.
  4. Make Sure Your Goals Are Within Reach.
  5. Make The Most Of Your Time.
  6. Review Your Performance.

How do I get energetic on Monday?

7 Tips for an Alert, Energetic, & Enjoyable Monday | SnoozeClinic.com

  1. Keep moving. Staying physically active all day will energize your Mondays.
  2. Face the light.
  3. Take a PREM nap.
  4. Get a relaxing massage.
  5. Snack smartly.
  6. Consume caffeine judiciously.
  7. Seek spiritual support.

Why you should look forward to Mondays?

Monday is the beginning of the week, and it works as the foundation for how our week will go. Start it off on a positive note, and you are sure to have a good week. Begin the week negatively, and it can prove to be difficult to have a happy and fulfilling week. Mondays are our cue that life is what you make it.

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How do you make Mondays productive?

Get Productive on Monday Morning

  1. 1). Create a Routine. You may not like to hear this, but creating a routine is a great way to improve your Monday.
  2. 2). Create a To-Do List or Use a Weekly Planner.
  3. 3). Turn Off Your Devices.
  4. 4). Learn to Say No.
  5. 5). Develop a Healthier Lifestyle.

How do you start a Monday?

  1. Plan your Monday mornings on Friday evenings.
  2. Schedule “planning time” into Monday mornings.
  3. Do something physical on Sunday evenings.
  4. Reconsider “hanging out” on Sunday nights.
  5. Get up a bit earlier on Monday mornings.
  6. Make yourself laugh on Monday mornings.
  7. If you still get dressed for work, wear something delightful.

How can I be positive on Monday morning?

Monday Morning Motivation Boost: Think positive this week

  1. 1) Start with a positive thought.
  2. 2) Create positive physical energy.
  3. 3) Eat a positive breakfast.
  4. 4) Choose to feel positive.
  5. 5) Spend time with positive people.
  6. 6) Create a positive environment.
  7. 7) End Monday with a positive conclusion.

How do you beat Monday blues?

How to Beat Monday Blues

  1. Pack Your Favorite Lunch. Something to help you get through your day is to simply pack or order out your favorite lunch.
  2. Play Some Upbeat Music.
  3. Plan a Special Evening After Work.
  4. Make a Schedule.
  5. Hit the Gym.
  6. Prioritize your work.
  7. Prepare for it with a lazy Sunday.
  8. Pre-plan for the weekend.

How to get excited to work on a Monday?

One of the things that can get you excited to work on a Monday is by having sufficient rest during the weekends. A long slumber is a must especially on a weekend. To give you that jolt of energy on Monday, it is a must to complete at least 9 hours of sleep on a Sunday.

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What do you do on a Monday Night?

Go to happy hour, meet a friend (you don’t work with) for lunch, have game night, go on a date or go to a fun event like a movie or festival. Our brains get in extreme Monday mode and we overdo our efforts to get “caught up” and be super efficient. On Monday, do something you would normally reserve for weekends.

Are You struggling to keep motivation up on Mondays?

Regardless if you are a student, an employee or running your own business, it is a problem to keep motivations up during Mondays. Most of us look forward on seeing the weekend. Though weekends can be relaxing, it is the work we accomplish during weekdays that pay our bills and take us closer to our goals.

Why are you too tired to work on a Monday?

It is frustrating when you don’t get enough rest from your weekend. This is why you see people too tired to work on a Monday. One of the reasons why you don’t recover from a stressful work week is because you don’t necessarily switch off from work. Instead, you still read emails and other things that are basically work related.