How do I get my UEFA Pro License?

How do I get my UEFA Pro License?

Experience in a full-time position in the professional game in one of the following roles: coach, assistant manager, manager, head of coaching, academy manager, head or recruitment, technical director or player (minimum of five years’ professional playing experience) FA Advanced Youth Award is desirable.

How do you get a pro license in football?

The AFC ‘Pro’ licensing is the highest degree which Indian coaches can attain. Coaches need to manage clubs for a minimum of two years before they can apply for this license. Candidates are taught in the latest standards of professional clubs and national teams.

How much does it cost to get a UEFA license?

The standard cost of a UEFA “B” License — a prerequisite to work at a professional club’s academy — is £990, and it can cost as much as £2,450. In Germany, the cost is €430; in Spain it is €1,100.

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How do I get a Continental Pro license?

To get into the UEFA Pro Licence course, you must hold UEFA ‘A’ Licence – which is more toward technical aspect of the game -, and have at least experience in professional level football, either as player, coach, assistant manager, or manager.

How much is UEFA Pro Licence UK?

Course fees are split into two different categories: FA Licenced Coaches’ Club members pay £8,915.00 including VAT, while the Non-member price comes to £9,770.00 with VAT included. This fee covers a range of different costs and benefits which help coaches gain the full experience being offered.

How long does a UEFA A license take?

Courses typically take around a year to complete, during which candidates must undergo a minimum of 360 hours of study (144 hours of off-pitch theory units and 216 hours of on-pitch practical units), plus nine hours of assessments.

How long does it take to complete UEFA A Licence?

How many UEFA A Licence coaches in England?

The statistic shows the number of coaches with UEFA A licence in selected national associations in Europe in 2017, by gender. In 2017, Spain had 152 female coaches with a UEFA A licence….

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Characteristic Men Women
England 1,653 40
Czech Republic 1,529 9
Switzerland 1,387 12
Netherlands 1,185 10

How long does it take to get UEFA B Licence?

The course is 17 days long, split into a five day block, a four day block, five support days and a three day final assessment.

Do you need coaching badges to be a football manager?

Coaching a local youth team or a college or university team is a good place to start. Having said that, qualifications are necessary, and the place to begin is with the FA’s coaching badges.

Can you fail FA Level 2?

How difficult are the FA Coaching courses? The short answer is Level 1 is hard to fail, Level 2 is a lot harder and people can and do fail. Level 3 is a challenging course and beyond that only a handful of coaches each year can meet the very tough entry requirements to be accepted on the course.

Who is the youngest manager in the Premier League?

The Youngest Premier League Managers: Fresh Faces

  • Ryan Mason (29y, 312d)
  • Attilio Lombardo (32y, 67d)
  • Chris Coleman (32y, 313d)
  • Gianluca Vialli (33y, 227d)
  • André Villas-Boas (33y, 301d)
  • Who Else?

What is a UEFA Pro Licence?

The UEFA Pro Licence is the game’s highest coaching qualification and since 2010 has been a mandatory requirement for all Premier League Managers. It is designed for coaches who already have considerable experience of working professionally within football and wish to progress to the very highest levels of the game.

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How do I become a UEFA a license coach?

You must complete a UEFA A Preparatory Course before commencing the UEFA A license coaching course. After completing the latter course, you will be a fully qualified UEFA coach. Apply to attend the UEFA pro license course. The pro license is mandatory for all coaches in Europe’s elite divisions.

How long is a UEFA coaching diploma valid for?

Licences are valid for three years. Take a look below to find out more about each of the UEFA-certified coaching diploma courses. UEFA coaching diplomas are the qualification awarded to everybody who has successfully completed one of the below courses, with each accompanying licence issued for a three-year period before it needs to be renewed.

What are the different levels ofuefa licences?

UEFA endorses licences at C, B, A and Pro levels, with specialist qualifications also available at Youth B, Elite Youth A, Goalkeeper B, Goalkeeper A and Futsal B levels. These licences are issued by member associations whose courses must meet UEFA criteria and standards, which are regularly revised and updated as the game develops.