How often do people text while driving?

How often do people text while driving?

A study of more than 101,000 American teenagers found that 38 percent reported texting while driving. The prevalence of texting while driving increased with age, with 56 percent of those 18 and older reporting that they sometimes or frequently text.

Why do drivers text while driving?

As a form of distracted driving, texting while driving causes the driver to take their focus from the road and onto their hand-held device. Even while at a stoplight, this behavior can be dangerous, as drivers need to maintain total focus in order to drive safely.

What is the percentage of texting while driving deaths?

Texting and Driving Statistics: Bad For Everyone In 2018, there were 36,750 deaths related to car accidents and of these fatalities, 5.7\% were due to the driver texting and driving or talking on their cell phone.

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Is texting while driving okay?

Cell Phone Use While Driving Increases the Risk of an Accident. One out of 20 drivers use a cell phone when they’re in the car, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). However, doing so makes you four times more likely to get into an accident. Texting while driving is even worse.

Who is most likely to text and drive?

Drivers under 25 are much more likely to text while driving than all other age groups, and the incidence of texting while driving drops with every age group to less than 1\% for those 65 and older. For those who text while driving, most continue to drive.

Do teens text and drive more?

“More teens texted while driving in states with a lower minimum learner’s permit age and in states where a larger percentage of students drove,” the study found. Texting while driving prevalence doubled between ages 15 and 16 years, and it continued to increase substantially for ages 17 years and up.”

How can we prevent texting while driving?

2) Stay off the phone

  1. Put the cell phone on silent mode.
  2. Keep it out of reach by placing it in the backseat or inside the glove compartment.
  3. Commit to never touch that phone unless needed.
  4. Practice commentary driving to stay focused on the road.
  5. Make sure that you don’t text & drive, as it sets a bad example.
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How many car crashes happen a day from texting and driving?

Around 390,000 injuries happen yearly from accidents caused by texting & driving. 1 out of 4 car accidents in America are caused by texting and driving. About 1,000 injuries per day happen because of someone texting and driving.

Why you should not text and drive?

Of all the activities associated with distracted driving, sending text messages is the most dangerous. A person is 23 times more likely to have a motor vehicle crash while sending a text message than if they were only driving. That number towers over the other activities associated with distracted driving.

Who is more likely to text while driving?

How many people die from texting and driving each year?

Distracted driving is dangerous, contributing to 3,142 deaths on the roads in 2019, nearly a 10\% increase from 2018. Cell phone use while driving, including texting while driving, is a major factor. Knowing cell phone use while driving statistics and texting and driving facts may help families manage this dangerous crash risk.

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Should texting while driving be banned?

Using a cell phone while driving, and most commonly texting, makes drivers between 2-9 times more likely to cause an accident. Surveys show that 94\% of drivers support laws that ban texting while driving.

How much time does texting while driving take off your eyes?

Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. Traveling at 55 mph, that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field. Texting while driving causes a 400 percent increase in time spent with eyes off the road. Of all cell phone related tasks, texting is by far the most dangerous activity.

What percentage of teens still text and drive?

However, 35\% of teens still text while driving! Teen drivers are 4x more likely than adults to get into car accidents while using their cell phone. 11 teens die everyday as a result of texting while driving. One out of every 4 car accidents in the U.S. is caused by texting and driving.