Is it OK to score bad in pre boards?

Is it OK to score bad in pre boards?

Many students have scored above 90\% in their board exam but in prelium exam they were failed in one or two subjects. Later on they improved within short span of time. If this happened with you, then don’t worry.

What to do if you scored less in pre boards?

It’s Not the End: 6 Things to Do If You Couldn’t Score Well in Board Exams

  1. Take a Deep Breath and Evaluate your Options.
  2. Try for Entrance Exam-Based Courses.
  3. Broaden Your Search to Lesser-Known and Tier-2 Colleges.
  4. Consider Giving Improvement Exams the Next Year.
  5. Learn about New-Age and Skill-Based Careers.

Is board easier than pre-board?

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While Board examinations present their own level of difficulty of the question papers, the effort is always to keep Pre-Boards examination papers of the same level so as to prepare you for the final papers. Secondly, students often tend to ask as to why their scores are so less in Pre-Boards examination.

What is first division in 12th?

60.00 – 100.00. First Division/First Class. A. 50.00 – 59.99. Second Class/Second Division.

Do you think the 12th Board exams will be tough?

No, not for everyone. This is all your hard work from the beginning of the 12th class. In my case study, a huge number of students do not take the first 9 months too seriously. They start their preparations just before the 3 months of board exams.

How many CBSE board exam papers are there for Class 10?

There are two board exam papers (CBSE) for each subject in class 10 because of SA1 and SA2. So you need to practice both SA1 and SA2. And for class 12th last 10-year papers are enough to boost up the preparation for the final exam.

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Is it possible to score good marks in board exams?

Yes, you can score good marks in your board exam. History and economics are theory based subjects so you need to understand that reading is the only way to get good marks in these subjects. Read as well as write notes of every subject. Just focus on your preparation and practice. All the best for the board exam.

How to prepare for board exams in 3 months?

Use your last 3 months in reading or practicing those notes and not collecting them. The last 3 months are judgment months, and the students who are preparing for the board exam from the beginning of the 12th class uses this time with great strategies, and they successfully get the 90+ percentage in board exams result.