What is a good double major with aerospace engineering?

What is a good double major with aerospace engineering?

What minor or double major would you pick for a bs in aerospace engineering? “AES students are also encouraged to consider a technical minor or double major in electrical engineering, computer science, applied math, engineering physics, astrophysical and planetary sciences, or atmospheric and oceanic sciences.”

Can you double major in two engineering fields?

Double majors consist of two majors in the same college. Many engineering fields encompass overlapping areas of interest. Double major programs are specifically designed to allow you to earn two engineering degrees in eight semesters, or even nine if necessary.

What is the best double major with engineering?

According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), double majors in business, communications, geology and biology are also great choices because they can prepare you for success in the work environment and teach you the applications of mechanical engineering for some very lucrative industries.

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Can you double major in astrophysics and aerospace engineering?

You can definitely work in the aerospace industry with a degree in astrophysics.

Can you major in aerospace engineering and minor in astrophysics?

A minor in astrophysics pairs well with many degrees including Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. The astrophysics minor has also been used to obtain summer and semester-long spring internships at various NASA facilities and other institutions in the space industry.

Can you major in two types of engineering?

Thanks for the A2A. It could be, if the fields complement each other and have similar core requirements. If one plans on going into robotics, for instance, computer engineering and mechanical engineering might go well together.

Can I double major in engineering?

Students can double major in engineering. Please note that the completion of a double major may result in extended time to graduation, and that students must complete the course requirements for both majors before a degree will be awarded. …

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What is the difference between aerospace engineering and electrical engineering?

Aerospace engineering is even smaller than electrical, but the number of companies who hire aerospace engineers to do aerospace engineering are quite limited. Hiring CS majors for internships and entry-level roles.

Should I Choose aeronautical engineering or Avionics Engineering for a Masters?

You can choose Aeronautical in B.E & Avionics (which is blended version of aero & elec ) in Masters. If you are not feeling good with mechanical concepts then study Electrical in bachelors nad proceed with avionics in masters

What is it like to be an electrical engineer?

Electrical engineering is a much smaller base to compete within. The electrical engineers who are extremely valuable are those who learn to program embedded software. Engineers who can build the circuits and program the microprocessor to control those circuits are golden.