What programming language is used in Swiggy?

What programming language is used in Swiggy?

It is to be noted that not all but major players in the on-demand space like Uber Airbnb, Ola, Swiggy, etc are switching towards Kotlin because of the edge it provides over others.

What programming language does zomato use?

Zomato uses Kotlin to write safer, more concise code.

What technology does zomato use?

Zomato uses 38 technology products and services including HTML5 , Google Analytics , and jQuery , according to G2 Stack. Zomato is actively using 39 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include SPF , LetsEncrypt , and WordPress .

Which programming language is used in Foodpanda?

Like many websites we have seen before, these websites are built using HTML and Javascript. If we “inspect” these websites like Lazada or Foodpanda, you can see that it is HTML coded. HTML coding helps to load the content and defines the layout, acting as the skeleton and structure of the website.

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Who coded zomato?

Gunjan Patidar
Although Gunjan Patidar started programming only during his college days, building things from scratch gripped his imagination right from school days.

Which company makes app like zomato?

WOXAPP company has got great experience in the creation of restaurant apps, like Zomato. We have developed “Want to eat” application that is designed for convenient and fast restaurant search in Moscow, ordering meals and tracing the orders.

How does Zomato use artificial intelligence?

Here’s how Zomato uses ML It said it uses a simple equation of three variables — input, brain, and output, via ‘model training’ and ‘model prediction’ techniques. Meaning, if the output and input are known, the process of figuring out the brain is called model training.

Does Swiggy use AI?

Swiggy Using AI for Smooth Deliveries Swiggy has used AI to grow its order value by over 200\%. The company said that the real challenge they faced was real-time decisions or optimizing their products.

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What programming language does Shopee use?

Site Info – Shopee.ph JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented, cross-platform scripting language.

What programming language does Deliveroo use?

Deliveroo started as one service working with Ruby on Rails; they now heavily use Golang to write simple, reliable software.

Is Zomato Chinese app?

Zomato (/zoʊmɑːtoʊ/) is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008.