Why did India buy Rafales?

Why did India buy Rafales?

In 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the landmark defense deal with French aviation company Dassault to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets to refurbish India’s rusting air force. Some of the money may have also been given as bribes to Indian officials, the report claimed.

Are 36 Rafale enough Quora?

NO, these 36 Rafales are not at all enough to meet the rising demands of IAF. These jets are being procured to bridge the gap between current strength and future generations of Fighter jets in the IAF fleet.

Is India buying 36 more Rafales?

Sources said that one thing is clear that the IAF is looking beyond just 36 additional Rafale, which will take it up to four squadrons of the aircraft. But the IAF needs more numbers to beef up its squadron strength, since the last time the force had 42 squadrons was in 2002.

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Why did India buy Rafale instead of F 16?

The Rafale is the most potent aircraft in South Asia. It can detect threats well in advance and neutralise them. The fighter jet is much more capable than Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft or China’s J-20 – an aircraft that is yet to see combat. The Rafale’s acqusition is a significant boost for India’s defences against China.

Why did India buy Rafale Quora?

India gets the best of both worlds…. plus the political benefits. The Rafale is also omnirole; which means it can perform both bombing and dogfighting, but excels at the land attack part. A clean Rafale can turn with any fighter on earth including the Raptor.

How many Rafale are in IAF?

India and France had signed an inter-governmental agreement in 2016 to procure 36 Rafale jets at a cost Rs 59,000 crore. The twin-engine Rafale jets are capable of carrying out a variety of missions, such as ground and sea attack, air defence and air superiority, reconnaissance, and nuclear strike deterrence.

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Does Pakistan have f16s?

Of the 40 F-16 fighter-bomber aircraft originally acquired by Pakistan, 32 remain in service in 3 squadrons. Pakistan has 71 additional F-16s on order, but delivery has been suspended since 1990 by the United States.

Why did India switch from 144 Rafales to 36 Rafales?

India originally wanted to purchase 144 Rafales but later Switched to 36 Rafales. The reason is believed to be because a Paper was published by a very good Strategist known to Mr Manohar Parikkar whose conclusion was

Is Rafale the best fighter jet for India?

The Rafale, the French-made successor to the Mirage, likewise is among India’s better fighters. But the country has ordered just 36 Rafales.

Why did our country purchase only 36 Rafale jets through government-to-government deal?

Our country purchased only 36 Dassault Rafale through government to government deal because the Mmrca deal for 126 jets in which Rafale won got cancelled due to certain issues like the guarantee of the jets which were to be produced by HAL.French counterparts said that it will not take any guarantee for the jets produced by HAL.

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Did PM Modi renegotiate Rafale deal to enrich Ambanis?

PM Modi has renegotiated the Rafale deal to great advantage of Ambanis and even greater disadvantage to India. He is now buying far fewer planes at multifold cost without any technology transfer – just to enrich The Ambanis. Can India Stop Rafale Scam?