Why is Lucas from WayV Apologising?

Why is Lucas from WayV Apologising?

WayV’s Lucas has apologized to his fans amidst cheating allegations. The star took to his social media handle to pen a lengthy apology for his past behaviour and irresponsibility. Lucas made headlines when his alleged ex-girlfriend claimed he gas lit her and took money from her.

What is wrong with Lucas?

Popular K-pop boy group NCT’s member Lucas was recently accused of cheating and gaslighting by some online users who identified as his ex-girlfriends. Following this, the Hong Kong-born singer has decided to hit the pause button on his musical activities.

Are the accusations on Lucas true?

Lucas has been in the news after an alleged ex claimed that he gas lit her and took money from her. Now, a lady who claims to be an ex-lover, alleged in a social media post that Lucas’ kindness and love for his fans is ‘fake’ and claimed that the singer actually thought of them as his concubines.

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What happened to Lucas and WinWin WayV?

While most people asked why the two members were not on the teaser, some fans addressed the real reason behind their absences. According to a Twitter user, WinWin is currently busy with his acting project in China, while Lucas remains on hiatus following his scandal.

How old is Lucas NCT?

22 years (January 25, 1999)

Why is Lucas not in WayV comeback?

Star News Korea and SM Entertainment representative confirmed the K-pop idol’s plans in terms of his acting activities in China. Meanwhile, Lucas has been put on hiatus after Twitter user Ooooshiiim made allegations against the idol, saying he gaslit them and used them for money.

Why is WinWin hiatus?

Lucas (also known as Wong Yuk-hei) is on hiatus after rumours earlier this year about his romantic life, but the absence of WinWin (Dong Sicheng) has come as a surprise to fans. It is rumoured to be because of his acting work in China.

What is Mark Lee’s name?

Lee Min-hyung
Mark Lee (singer)

Mark Lee
Mark Lee in October 2018
Born Mark Lee August 2, 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Other names Lee Min-hyung
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How old is hendery?

22 years (September 28, 1999)

Why is WinWin not in kick it?

SM Entertainment has issued a statement to explain that WinWin is unable to participate in promotions because of schedule conflicts, as he’s currently preparing for Chinese activities that were already planned. It was announced this summer that NCT is gearing up to launch a NCT China unit this year.

Who left NCT 127?

WinWin is still apart of NCT 127 until SM officially releases a statement about him not being apart of 127.

What happened with WinWin?

Winwin has been in China since early 2021, focusing on his individual career. A few months ago, it was reported that he had opened a personal studio that would be managing his acting projects in China. In late October, he landed his first acting project with the Chinese fantasy drama ‘The Shadow’.

What did WayV Lucas say in his apology letter?

While fans debated the truth behind all the allegations, WayV Lucas came forward to apologize for causing harm and pain to the ones who were hurt. He uploaded a handwritten letter as an apology on his own Instagram account. In an elaborate apology, Lucas wrote: “I apologize to those who were hurt by my wrong behavior.

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What happened to antnct Lucas?

NCT Lucas was first accused of the gaslighting scandal by a Korean citizen on August 23rd. According to Soompi, the user blamed Lucas for gaslighting her with comments like, “I don’t like that you’re too much like a fan.’ He even allegedly said, “Don’t be a fan of an idol anymore.” The user further explained what happened with Lucas.

What did NCT Lucas say to a former fan?

One social media user also claimed that the K-pop artist has discussed fellow members’ behavior with the former fan, calling them ‘disobedient and lazy.’ He reportedly also accused a group member of ‘stealing’ his ‘fashion’ jobs. NCT Lucas was first accused of the gaslighting scandal by a Korean citizen on August 23rd.

Did NCT Lucas cheat on his girlfriend?

NCT Lucas first got involved in cheating and gaslighting allegations by a social media user who introduced herself as his former girlfriend. She accused the singer of being unfaithful in their relationship, while also taking money from her. Later, two more Chinese citizens came forward to claim that they were former fans of the NCT artist.