Can we do masters in aeronautical engineering after electrical engineering?

Can we do masters in aeronautical engineering after electrical engineering?

Yes, U can do M. Tech Aerospace Engineering after completing B. Tech Electrical Engineering. Masters of Technology Aerospace Engineering is a postgraduate degree program dealing with the study of aerospace engineering.

Can I do aeronautical engineering after electrical engineering?

Yes, you are eligible for aeronautical engineering after your diploma in electrical engineering. You may take admission for lateral entry directly in second year.

Can you work in aerospace with an electrical engineering degree?

Aerospace Engineer Main duties of electrical engineers working in the aerospace industry: Work on guidance and communication systems, radars or satellites. Contribute to the development of new hybrid or fully electric propulsion systems for aeroplanes or other aircraft.

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Can I do masters in aerospace engineering after electronics?

Yes, you can do M.E. in Aerospace Engineering after B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. In B.E. if you have scored 65\% or above then contact directly to the college where M.E. in Aerospace Engineering course is available.

Where can I do Masters in aeronautical engineering?

Best Universities for Aerospace Engineering on MastersPortal

Universities Location
Stanford University Stanford, United States
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Daejeon, South Korea
Texas A&M University College Station, United States
University of Cambridge Cambridge, United Kingdom

Is Jee compulsory for aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering courses For getting admissions into B. Tech, candidates are required to clear JEE Main exam while for admission into to IITs, NIITs, IIITs and other prestigious institutions candidates are required to clear JEE advanced.

Is it possible to become an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor’s?

Yes it is. As far as I know, in some universities one even has to do Bachelor’s Mechanical Engineering to study Master’s Aerospace Engineering, for example in RWTH Aachen. Besides, if you want to study Master’s Aerospace Engineering, I would recommend you to visit as many Aerospace related lectures in the bachelor study.

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Can I get a Masters degree in aerospace engineering after Mechatronics Engineering?

Answer Wiki. In India as of today, it is not possible to get a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering after a BS in Mechatronics Engineering, from any of the IITs or other national institutes.

What is a Masters in aerospace engineering?

A masters is a specialization within the vast field. In this case you may be working on robotics with an aerospace professor and therefore will earn you Masters in the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering department.

Can an ECE student go for aerospace engineering?

Yes of course you can go through the Aerospace Engineering courses but you need to go through the GATE exam.Since your a ECE student there will be only few topics related to devices like OP-amps and other such topics.In Aerospace Engineering there are even courses related to mechanical stream hence you need to work harder.