Can you tell people you work for the CIA?

Can you tell people you work for the CIA?

No, you are not supposed to run around telling everyone that you work at the CIA. But it is simply not true that you are forbidden under penalty of death or imprisonment from telling anyone that info.

How much money does a CIA field agent make?

The average salary for the CIA agent that is decided by the federal government is $81,623 yearly. In 2018, the Central Intelligence Agency indicated that the salary range for a special agent CIA field agent position was $74,872 to $136,771.

How long is training at the CIA farm?

six months
Top candidates spend six months at the Farm, the ultra-secret 9,000-acre military base in Virginia where spies master 007-style skills from shooting Glocks and M4s to parachuting, speed boating and recruiting assets.

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What disqualifies you from the CIA?

Recent involvement in criminal or unethical behavior can disqualify you from getting a clearance. This includes pending criminal charges, felony convictions, and a dishonorable discharge. In addition, crimes like illegal downloading of copyrighted material can also be an issue.

Does CIA recruit out of high school?

For full time regular jobs, the CIA requires a bachelor’s degree, although the minimum age is just 18. They do however have a number of paid internship and Co-op programs that one can become eligible for immediately after high school.

Are CIA agents trained to fight?

Extensive hand-to-hand combat skills are learned, including martial arts like krav maga, jeet kune do and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and you must learn to fight with improvised weapons.

Where do the CIA train?

Camp Peary is known as “The Farm”, a training facility run by the Central Intelligence Agency for the purpose of training CIA’s clandestine officers, as well as officers of other organizations specializing in clandestine activities, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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Is there an age limit for CIA?

The hiring and screening process for CIA agents is very competitive, lengthy, and thorough. The CIA pays out a one-time lump sum bonus—the maximum amount is $35,000—to individuals fluent in another language. You must be a U.S. Citizen and be no older than 35 years of age (the age limit may be waived in certain cases).

What is it like to be a CIA operative?

, Former CIA operative now a private investigator with The Millennium Group. CIA operatives typically endure a year of very intense, eclectic training first at Headquarters in Langley, VA followed by a variety of military and government facilities nationwide.

What kind of hand-to-hand combat training do CIA agents get?

One reason many civilians assume that CIA hand-to-hand combat training is part of preparing to be an agent is that the type of training that agents undergo is thought to be based on a method called Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a self-defense system that focuses on preparing participants mentally, tactically, technically and physically.

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Does the CIA offer tours to the public?

Today, you’ll find more than just offices here. CIA Headquarters features sites like the famous Kryptos sculpture, memorials, art and museum galleries, and so much more. For security reasons, we do not offer tours to the public. However, our virtual Headquarters tour gives you the ability to wander through our campus and explore its unique sites.

Do CIA agents work from desk jobs?

In fact, many agents work at desk jobs throughout the agency, including those who analyze cyberthreats. Although officers may receive similar basic training, those who train in skills like CIA hand-to-hand combat are more likely to be stationed in the field than at a desk.