How Agritech startups are revamping agriculture in India?

How Agritech startups are revamping agriculture in India?

New age Agri-Tech startups are focussing on connecting the physical markets digitally though e-marketplaces, where farmers and processors can sell their products Pan-India without having a physical presence. They have introduced technology to improve food traceability and sustainability in the agri-business.

How Agri startups can solve the problems of farmers in the country?

Startups could also provide services like farmer’s landholdings and cropping patterns (which are useful for processors), types and quality of farm produce and timeline of quantity production, customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the case of new products and suitable supply chain management from farm to retail …

How can we improve agricultural sector in India?

Six Main Strategies to Improve the Agriculture Productivity in…

  1. Soil Health Enhancement:
  2. Irrigation Water Supply Augmentation and Management:
  3. Credit and Insurance:
  4. Technology:
  5. Market:
  6. Regionally Differentiated Strategy:
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What is an Agritech startup?

Agritech startups-led e-commerce platforms have the potential to steer the shift from government-controlled agricultural markets towards more demand-driven digital markets. However, the sustainability and scalability of these ventures will be critical over time.

How can we revive Indian agriculture?

Various tactics like drought-resistant seeds, usage of specific fertilizers, adoption of micro-irrigation, following better preservation practices, establishing forward linkages, and driving innovation in agriculture through new technology, can be adopted.

Is scheme of government to promote organic farming in India?

National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF) This is one of the Government Schemes for Organic Farming in India. Under the NPOF scheme, the Indian government has been advocating integrating the use of organic manures including biofertilizers for increasing the production of organic crops.

What are some solutions to the farming problems?

Managing farms as ecosystems (agroecology) through efforts such as integrating livestock and crops to reduce transportation-related costs and pollution; integrating trees and shrubs to provide shade and protect crops, animals, and water resources; and managing uncultivated areas to control erosion, reduce nutrient …

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How can Indian agriculture be profitable and successful?

Export of fruits and vegetables is a very profitable business with low investment. Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs is yet another profitable agriculture business. If you have basic knowledge of medicinal plants and you have enough land, then you can earn good profits from its cultivation.

How can the agricultural sector be improved?

Ways # 1. To facilitate the farmers to produce new farm inputs and enable them to sell their product in markets, villages should be linked with mandies. It would help to raise their income which in turn stimulates the farmer’s interest to adopt better farm technology with sufficient income.

What do Agritech companies do?

Big-data & Blockchain in Agricultural Logistics Most of the time consumers are stuck without being able to know the origin of the vegetables and fruits they buy. To solve this, Agritech companies and entrepreneurs help in developing the use of blockchain and big-data in the agricultural sector.

What is the scope of Agritech startups in India?

India holds the record for the second-largest agricultural land in the world, with around 60\% rural Indian households making their living from agriculture thus creating a huge scope for agritech startups in the country. The central and state governments are proactively pursuing policies to improve farmers’ lives in India.

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What is the future of Agri-Tech in India?

The Agri-tech sector is a fast-growing sector with great potential to benefit Indian agriculture and eventually raise farmers’ incomes. Currently, India has given birth to 450 Agri-tech startups and is reported to grow by 25\% every year by NASSCOM. A wave of Agri-tech startups has emerged in the last few years in India.

What are the Agri startups in India doing to help farmers?

The Agri startups in India are providing information, techniques and efficiencies to farmers. Founded by Kamesh Mupparaju and Linus Lindgren in 2018, SFarmsIndia is an online web application with two core functions; listing and fraction trading. These two functions work together creating a great synergy.

Who is the founder of Agritech?

Based in Pune, this Agritech startup was founded in 2010 by Devendra Gupta, Prateek Singhal, and Vivek Pandey. It focuses on developing technology-enabled products to strengthen the farm-to-fork value chain of perishables, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable development.