How do I prepare for my first week at uni?

How do I prepare for my first week at uni?

How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Week Of Uni

  1. Join some clubs. First things first, you wanna meet some like-minded peeps.
  2. Enjoy your breaks.
  3. Suss out the food options.
  4. Explore the world around you.
  5. It’s orientation week, come on!

What to bring to uni exeter?

  1. l Photographic identification e.g. passport,
  2. Documents to bring.
  3. l Duvet, pillows, duvet cover, pillow cases,
  4. l Cutlery: knife, fork, spoon, tea spoons.
  5. Self-Catered Kitchens.
  6. Don’t feel you need to bring everything with.
  7. ‘Kit yourself out for Uni through specialised providers UniKitOut!
  8. l Clothes airer/dryer (in bedrooms)

What do I need for my first day at uni?

Pack your first-day uni essentials

  1. Student ID (otherwise, collect this from the relevant office as soon as possible)
  2. Diary/notebooks.
  3. Campus map (either a printed version or digital)
  4. Textbooks for your subjects that day.
  5. Stationery including pens, pencils, highlighters and folders.
  6. A laptops/tablet.
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What should I wear on my first day of university?

The simplest solution is smart-casual. For example, a shirt, a comfortable pair of jeans and an already broken into pair of trainers. Again, layering is important in the autumnal weather, so layer with a thin jumper and a jacket if it’s extra chilly. Don’t be afraid to inject your own personal style into the outfit.

What is Student ID Exeter?

The UniCard is issued to all staff and students at the University of Exeter and serves as: A library card. Identifies you as a member of the University and access to its services. Access to buildings. Access to printers on campus.

What do I need at university?

University checklist

  • bed linen, including sheets, duvet, blankets, pillows and pillowcases.
  • towels.
  • clothes for all seasons, plus smart wear.
  • coat hangers.
  • extension lead.
  • socket adaptor (for international students)
  • personal items such as toiletries.
  • kitchen items and some food to keep you going for the first week.