How many lumens is a 54 watt fluorescent bulb?

How many lumens is a 54 watt fluorescent bulb?

5,000 lumens
A four-foot long, 54-watt version that delivers 5,000 lumens is popular in the United States. The high light output allows fewer luminaires to achieve the same illuminance levels as when using other fluorescent lamps.

How many lumens does a T5 produce?

The lamp that makes up the majority of T5 lighting sales is the 54-watt T5HO, which produces 5,000 lumens. T5HO lamps emit more lumens per lamp than T8s or T12s.

How many lumens is a T5 bulb?

While the standard T5 and T5 HO are the same diameter and length, the 4-ft T5 is rated at 2,900 lumens, similar to the lumen per watt output of a T8 lamp.

Can I replace T5 fluorescent with LED?

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Plug and Play, or direct wire, LED T5 lamps make switching from fluorescent to LED simple. These bulbs are easy and quick to install. Replacing the ballast in your current fixture won’t be necessary, as it plugs directly into the fixture without any rewiring.

How many lumens is a 28w T5?

28 Watt – 4100 Kelvin – 45 in. – 2900 Lumens – 800 Series Phosphors – Case of 25. Length: 45.2 in.

How long are 4FT T5 bulbs?

Better Brighter Light Bulbs

2FT T5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 4FT T5 Foldable Grow Light Stand
Length 2 feet 4 feet
Power 24W
CCT 3000K & 6500K

Is T5 better than LED?

The main advantage of LED over T5 lights is that it is more efficient, which will save cost (bulbs & power) in the long run. LEDs also do not produce UV light by default (unless UV diodes are used), while florescent lighting does.

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What is the brightest T5 bulb?

Currently, the brightest T5 sized LED tube light is the Philips 473512 LED Dimmable Light Tube. This tube shines with 3500 lumens (54 watt replacement). They cost around $85 for a pack of ten.

Are T5 bulbs full spectrum?

On the contrary: there are actually T5 grow light bulbs that give you high amounts of UV. These are known as either “UV bulbs” or “Full Spectrum+UV bulbs” and they’ll definitely help give you quality harvests.