Was there ever a Jedi with a red saber?

Was there ever a Jedi with a red saber?

The only Jedi who owned a red lightsaber Adi Gallia was a Tholothian Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi High Council, she has fought in many battles. She was not only a great fighter, but she was also a chief negotiator. By the time she made her lightsaber, she used a synthetic red crystal.

Could a Jedi stop a bullet?

There is no reason to believe a lightsaber blade couldn’t stop a bullet (though it would of course destroy the bullet rather than deflect it) or that a Jedi’s supernatural reflexes would not be fast enough to intercept a bullet, though of course rapid fire would be very taxing to block.

Why do lightsabers not go through each other?

One strong that gives shape to the plasma and contains it, with the exception of the heat of the plasma. And then the second and weaker force field contains the heat within. So when two lightsabers touch the strong force field prevents the blades from going through one another.

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Can you use a lightsaber if you’re not force sensitive?

Non-Force Users can indeed use a lightsaber. Han Solo did it, but didn’t fight with it. In a non-canon story Boba Fett did however. You can’t really beat a Jedi with one unless you are Force Sensitive or otherwise enhanced.

Can lightsabers cut bullets?

In current canon, lightsabers are capable of blocking bullets and partly melting/disintegrating them but not deflecting them.

Has a clone ever used a lightsaber?

Affiliation. Stormtrooper lightsabers were used exclusively by Cuis Clones. They were red-bladed and, unlike other sabers, had a predominantly white hilt which matched their armor.

Why can Finn use a lightsaber?

Finn simply used his training in melee combat, and did not display any special talents. Everything that he did with the lightsaber, he could have done with an electro-staff or any other bladed weapon. Lightsaber skills such as deflecting laser blasts require Force-sensitivity, which he has not displayed.