What human rights does Turkey violate?

What human rights does Turkey violate?

The Kurdish–Turkish conflict has caused numerous human rights violations over the years. There is an ongoing debate in the country on the right to life, torture, freedom of expression as well as freedoms of religion, assembly and association.

Is there free speech in Turkey?

Despite legal provisions, freedom of the press in Turkey has steadily deteriorated from 2010 onwards, with a precipitous decline following the attempted coup in July 2016. Since 2013, Freedom House ranks Turkey as “Not Free”.

What are some unique laws in Turkey?

Ancient Laws: Weird and Strange

  • A law existed making it illegal for men over 80 to become pilots.
  • Stealing olives before they are ripe can bring up to a two-year jail sentence.
  • In the 16th and 17th century, it was illegal to drink coffee.
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Is Google blocked in Turkey?

As mentioned before all the big social media platforms have been blocked at some point, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope plus Google services. You could also struggle to access the likes of Google Docs, Translate, Books, Analytics or Tools.

Does Turkey have any strange laws?

Ever been to a Turkish jail? A Turkish soccer player named Gobbledygook Beelzebub almost went. He was given a two-and-a-half-month suspended jail sentence for calling someone a racial slur. Turkey actually has a law against “insult crimes.” You can even go to jail for insulting Turkey.

Is marriage legal in Turkey?

It is important to note that only official (civil) marriages are legally recognized in Turkey, as defined under the Turkish Civil Code. Other forms of marriage, without an official marriage, are not recognized in Turkey. Only after the official marriage is a religious marriage (carried out by imams) permitted.

Does Turkey have Internet?

The Internet in Turkey has been available to the public since 1993, although experimentation at Ege University started in 1987. The first available connections were dial-up. Currently Türk Telekom’s TTNET ADSL2+ service is the most widely used Internet service in Turkey, offering speeds from 8 Mbit/s to 24 Mbit/s.

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Is using VPN illegal in Turkey?

Are VPNs legal in Turkey? Yes, using a VPN is legal in Turkey. While Turkey began taking steps to block access to Tor and VPN services late last year, it is not illegal to actually use one.

What is the legal system like in Turkey?

The Turkish Legal System. Turkey has a very effective legal system: sometimes slow, but fully functioning. Unlike in some countries, you do not need to ‘buy’ the judges, but you do have to be diligent and pursue your case to make sure things happen without any unnecessary delay.

What are the laws of censorship in Turkey?

Censorship in Turkey is regulated by domestic and international legislation, the latter (in theory) taking precedence over domestic law, according to Article 90 of the Constitution of Turkey (so amended in 2004). Despite legal provisions, media freedom in Turkey has steadily deteriorated from 2010 onwards,…

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What are the human rights of the people in Turkey?

The Republic of Turkey has entered various human rights commitments, some of which are expressed in the 1982 Turkish Constitution, Part Two of which guarantees “fundamental rights and freedoms” such as the right to life, security of person, and right to property.

Does Turkey have a freedom of Information Law?

In 2003 Turkey adopted a freedom of information law. Yet, state secrets that may harm national security, economic interests, state investigations, or intelligence activity, or that “violate the private life of the individual,” are exempt from requests.