What is behind the coup attempt in Turkey?

What is behind the coup attempt in Turkey?

Turkey witnessed the bloodiest coup attempt in its political history on July 15, 2016, when a section of the Turkish military launched a coordinated operation in several major cities to topple the government and unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Did Kemalist ideology play a role in the 2016 Turkish coup attempt?

It is widely reported that Kemalist ideology played little or no role in motivating the 15 July 2016 coup attempt, unlike all previous political interventions in the history of Turkey’s military coups.

What happened in Turkey in 2016?

An in-depth look at the key issues surrounding the deadly coup attempt that shook Turkey in July 2016. The deadly coup attempt in July 2016 marked a monumental turning point in Turkey’s political history. Al Jazeera explains who was responsible, what happened and why.

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Was John F Campbell the ‘mastermind’ behind the Turkish coup attempt?

Yeni Şafak daily, a Turkish pro-government newspaper, claimed that the former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, now-retired United States Army General John F. Campbell, was the “mastermind” behind the coup attempt in Turkey.

What is the relationship between Erdogan and Gulen?

Gulen, on the other hand, denies any role in the coup and has even alleged that Erdogan orchestrated it himself “to build a dictatorship” – a claim the president, Turkish spy agencies and even the Turkish opposition have vehemently denied. How did Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation miss the signs of the looming insurrection?

Who is Fethullah Gulen and why did the coup attempt fail?

The Turkish government blames the failed coup attempt on Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher and businessman who has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States since 1999.

Did Turkey’s spy agency decode Gulenist secret messages before coup attempt?

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Intelligence officials said that in the months before the failed coup attempt, the country’s spy agency decoded millions of secret messages sent by suspected Gulenists, but found no mention of the plot.