What is the price of rain card?

What is the price of rain card?

Plastic Pocket Rain Card Age Group: Adult, Price 20 INR/Piece | ID: 6436914.

Can rain card be reused?

Rain Card for Emergency Use | Rain with Smallest Pocket Size| Easy to use and Reusable | 2 to 3 time wear Thin Premium Plastic | Disposable Pocket Size Easy to Carry Digi Raincoat | 100\% Waterproof | Unisex Adults and School Students [Random Color Free Size] [Pack Of 20]

What is rain card?

First credit card sized flexible raincoat. 100\% Brand new and high quality,Developed specially to fit in your wallet. Unisex plastic flexible raincoat, great for events, parties, weddings, festivals or just to avoid a dousing from an unexpected shower. Compact, light and easy to carry.

What is Pocket rain?

Pack Of. Raincoats. Men and Women Raincoats. Stay protected from an unexpected rainfall by getting yourself pocket raincoats. These raincoats can be folded and placed in your bag or purse so you can access them with ease when it starts to drizzle.

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Is a rain gauge?

A rain gauge is a meteorological instrument to measure the precipitating rain in a given amount of time per unit area. The instrument consists of a collection container which is placed in an open area.

Where is the best place to locate a rain gauge?

Location! Keep your rain gauge in open areas as far away from obstacles as possible, whether trees, houses, or fences. Having your gauge level is another great way to keep the readings accurate. This will help rain from splashing out and to help with winds blowing.

Are all rain gauges the same?

The height of a rain gauge typically ranges from 5 to 20 inches, while the diameter of its cylinder ranges from 2 to 8 inches. It’s quite simple: the larger the cylinder, the more rain collected and the more accurate the readings are.

Is it a good idea to put a rain gauge under a tree?

Transcript: Proper Placement of a Rain Gauge. An important tool for every homeowner’s yard is a rain gauge. It can be mounted on a fence, or placed in your yard, but the most important thing that you’ll want to remember is to not place it next to a building, trees, or shrubs.

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How deep should a rain gauge be placed under the ground?

In open areas place the gauge top approx. 2 feet off the ground. In developed areas place the gauge top approx. 5 feet off the ground.

What are the disadvantages of rain gauge?

There are some limitations associated with rain gauges. For instance, it can be almost impossible to collect rain data during a hurricane as a result of wind extremes. Additionally, rain gauges can only be used for indicating precipitation that has fallen within a localized area.

How is a rain gauge calibrated?

It’s that simple. Most standard rain gauges have a wide funnel leading into the cylinder and are calibrated so that one-tenth of an inch of rain measures one inch when it collects inside. The funnel is 10 times the cross-sectional area of the tube. 01 inches can be measured with this instrument.

Where should you not place a rain gauge?

It can be mounted on a fence, or placed in your yard, but the most important thing that you’ll want to remember is to not place it next to a building, trees, or shrubs. This can affect how much rainfall is in your rain gauge. Improper placement of your rain gauge can affect how much precipitation is falling into it.

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What is the cost of rainrain 4G?

Rain has launched a new “unlimited” 4G data offering for South Africans, priced at R479 per month. The product is a 4G/LTE SIM which can be used in compatible home routers, smartphones, tablets, or MiFi devices. The SIM will provide users with: Speeds up to 10Mbps. Basic streaming resolution (360p) Unlimited data.

How much does rain 5G cost?

Data usage is uncapped, and Rain will also supply users with a free-to-use Huawei 5G outdoor CPE. The new 5G product is priced at R699 per month. Rain told MyBroadband that its objective with the new 5G package is to deliver affordable, unlimited data to South Africans.

Does rainrain still offer unlimited data?

Rain continues to offer its unlimited off-peak product – for R250 per month – as well as its 5G data offerings that allow faster speeds and higher resolution streaming,” said the company.

What does the new rain Sim offer?

The SIM will provide users with: “Rain’s goal is to offer South Africans a choice of affordable unlimited data products,” said chief executive officer, Willem Roos. “Users will experience download speeds of up to 10Mbps and basic quality video streaming.