What is wrong with Sasaeng fans?

What is wrong with Sasaeng fans?

The German sasaeng fan has been known to have stalked and harassed member Nayeon since the end of 2019. The agency representing Twice, JYP Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against him after he repeatedly went to the headquarters of the agency and published Twice member Chaeyoung’s phone number, according to Kbizoom.

How do I know if I have Sasaeng?

when you look up photos of your idol, the ones at the concert without a symbol of “mnet” or anything like that, and it has a name like “Fluffy Taekooks”(I don’t know if that’s real I made that up), it’s probably a sasaeng fan. If you come across it, don’t save the photo or use it as a pfp.

What did the Sasaeng do to do?

A sasaeng, or sasaeng fan (Korean: 사생팬; Hanja: 私生팬), is an obsessive fan who stalks or engages in other behaviour constituting an invasion of the privacy of celebrities, specifically Korean idols, drama actors or other public figures.

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Who is carrot noona?

BigHit Entertainment has released an official list of fansites who have displayed unacceptable saesang behavior toward BTS. One of the fansites on the list is believed be Carrot Nuna, a well-known Jungkook-focused fansite.

Does Ateez have Sasaeng fans?

The group is now being tormented with obsessed fans who even attached tracking devices to their vehicles. No K-pop idol is ever spared of sasaeng fans, but this time, ATEEZ’s obsessed fans have taken it a notch higher.

Who has the most anti fans in KPop?

Which KPop Groups Has The Most Anti-fans 2019?

  • Momoland. Double Kick Company. 4385. 165.
  • Super Junior. SM Entertainment. 2476. 374.
  • IZ*ONE. CJ E&M. 353.
  • TWICE. JYP Entertainment. 232.
  • Red Velvet. SM Entertainment. 208.
  • EXO. SM Entertainment.
  • Big Bang. YG Entertainment.
  • Lovelyz. Woolim Entertainment.

Can KPop idols take pictures with fans?

In most cases, they aren’t allowed to take photos because they could be secretly filming a music video or show that isn’t supposed to be shown to the public yet. For example, if the group is preparing to do a comeback and a new concept, maybe one of the idols dyed their hair.

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Does Ateez have sasaeng fans?

Does EXO have sasaeng fans?

All sasaeng fans are terrible, as they don’t respect the privacy of their favorite celebrities. EXO is a group that has had many terrible experiences with sasaeng fans. Here’s a list of some of EXO’s worst encounters with sasaeng fans.

What is BTS fansite?

“Fansites” refers to the skilled photographer-fans who take HD photos of K-Pop group members using professional cameras. Fansites usually dedicate themselves to focusing on one specific member. Some of these fans disapprove of the professional cameras because they say BTS themselves have expressed their dislike for it.

What does blacklisted by Bighit mean?

Some popular ARMY fansites have been blacklisted. On January 14, this list of blacklisted fansite names was posted to BTS’s fan cafe, along with the fansites’ etiquette violations. These violations include illegal photography, illegal ticket sales, and invasions of BTS’s privacy at airports.

What are your worst experiences with sasaeng fans?

A former K-Pop manager had an interview with a YouTube channel named hyokkeumTV and shared some of his worst experiences with sasaeng fans. One of the creepiest experiences was during a fan sign when a male fan showed up with some strange glasses. It was obvious that the glasses did not suit him. He wasn’t a person who wore glasses.

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Why did sasaeng Chase BTS out of a cafe?

While filming in Sweden, BTS dined at a cafe, not knowing what would happen the moment they stepped back outside. When a staff member noticed a group of sasaeng fans waiting, he asked them to leave. They pretended to leave the scene but chased after BTS as soon as the members left the cafe.

Did Lee Bon get kidnapped by a sasaeng fan?

During an episode of Kim Soo Mi’s Did You Eat, veteran idol Lee Bon shared that she once got kidnapped by a sasaeng fan. The incident began when Lee Bon was heading to her manager’s car after a day of filming. However, on her way to the car, she ended up blacking out. It was a very cold day.

Are sasaengs (Stalker fans) stalking BTS?

BTS has millions of fans, but unfortunately, some of those “fans” are sasaengs (stalker fans) who invade their space, take malicious photos, and even sell their personal information. Here are 8 encounters with sasaengs who went way too far.