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Are Andover and Exeter rivals?

Are Andover and Exeter rivals?

The Exeter-Andover rivalry (also known as the Andover-Exeter rivalry) is an academic and athletic rivalry between Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter) and Phillips Academy (Andover) and, bearing many similarities of tradition and practice (as well as athletes) to the Harvard–Yale rivalry as Exeter traditionally educated …

Is Exeter the same as Phillips Exeter?

Phillips Exeter Academy (often called Exeter or PEA) is a highly selective, coeducational independent school for boarding and day students in grades 9 through 12, and offers a secondary postgraduate program.

Is Andover coed?

Founded in 1778, Andover is one of the oldest incorporated secondary schools in the United States. It turned coeducational in 1973, the year in which it merged with its neighbor girls school Abbot Academy.

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Why did you choose Phillips Andover over Exeter?

As a student of Phillips Andover, I chose Andover over Exeter for many reasons, one of them being the close proximity to Boston compared to Exeter. Andover is 30 minutes by car North from the city, while Exeter is a little more than an hour.

What is the difference between Andover and Exeter?

One big difference is that Andover doesn’t use harkness for science or math while Exeter uses it for all subejects.

How many counselors are there at Andover?

Andover has 13 counselors, and Exeter 8 and most are new. The average number of counselees per counselor is about 25 at Andover and 40~49 at Exeter. (Exeter student-run newspaper had an interesting examination report on counseling resources and privileges.) It makes sense, or nonsense.

What is it like to apply to Andover College?

Applying to Andover was like a more personalized experience of applying to college. You take a test, you write essays about overcoming adversity, you interview (generally with someone on the admissions committee), you take a tour and you tell them what sort of clubs you are interested in and how you spend your free time.